Peru | Part 1 Machu Picchu

It was the trip of a lifetime. As I recall scenes from our time there I wonder if it was me living it or a passing daydream passing. How can I be so blessed to travel seeing more then what my imitate life has to offer? I have a wonderful life, a life filled with moments, laughter and the deepest love that are more valuable than the latest and greatest product. I treasure these fleeting moments as if they are diamonds and precious jewels.

2009 left with a bang. After my work with FACES I continued to travel in Peru with Josh. We had a memorable meeting in the Lima Airport (which surprisingly might be in one of my top 10 moments. Picture this: Me running to gate 12 toting loads of camera gear completely out of breath afraid of missing my plane and my husband. I practically run over Josh who stepped in my way with arms stretched open accompanying a grin wider than a biggest looser contestant.) Together we continued on to Cusco (or Cuzco. It's spelled both ways and I can't for the life of me figure out what is correct). The following day we hiked the Inca Trail. Lemme tell you, hands down physically the hardest thing I have done to date! 3.5 days, 25 miles beginning at 7,000 feet elevation increasing to 14,000 feet and back down to 7,000 feet into Machu Picchu. It was just like a dream... but thankfully we have photos to remember!
Day one... I still look refreshed!

At the campsite, night one.

This is one of those photographs that was SO much better in real life. I often feel that way about landscapes. Why do I bother when the real creation is so much better in experience.

Us on the trail.

One of the lookouts along the trail. Did you know in Inca days they would run this trail in a day? One day.

Original stones still make up the second half of the trail.

Not kidding. Part of the hike.

Over the last pass, Sun Pass, here's the view from the ridge. Machu Picchu in all it's glory.

Day 4. Us :) We made it!

Temple for the Sun. It was my favorite.

I'm so happy to have my photographs to relive this trip for years to come. I'll be printing one of Josh and I to display right next to our stuffed animal, Mr. Alpaca. Don't hate. I'm a tourist sometimes too!

To everyone, thank you so much for being patient with me during my time off. I'm back and ready to rumble.

I'll be posting the second half of our Peru trip later... so stay tuned!

Big Smiles!
Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



Elizabeth said...

Wow, Melissa, what a fabulous trip you had! You two look totally refreshed and relaxed during your journey, I would not look nearly as good. Great photos.

i and m photography said...

These are truly amazing! I love the day 4 pic, the background is awesome. Gosh, what a site to see!


Deyla Huss said...

I am so jealous!! what an adventure you guys went on! Love all your photos from your trip, cant wait to see more!

Jenny said...

these are absolutely stunning! what a wonderful privilege to photograph these images. your work is fantastic, and I'm sure I'll be checking up on you quite frequently :)

sydney photographer said...

nice pics...