I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

... and I'm quite nervous. My house is in disarray among many other things and I'm trying to prepare my mind and heart for what's to come.

Tomorrow– way too early– I leave with a team of medical professionals to Peru for one of FACES Foundation trip. It's my responsibility to document not only the 23+ patients that are coming for cleft lip or cleft palate surgeries but also to document the trip overall. I'm equal parts thrilled, nervous, excited and unsure how everything will go. I believe we will have Internet at the hotel where we are staying and I hope to post multiple times while in Chiclayo, Peru about the my perspective of the trip. I hope I'm able to see not only with my lens, but also with my heart portraying that through my words and images

I've spent a few hours packing and I know I'll spend a few hours more, organizing not only socks, shoes and outfit, but organizing my heart. Preparing my heart for what's to come... and my body for sleeping in airports!

With that said, please keep this trip and the children in your thoughts and prayers. Surgery starts this Sunday! I will have no access to phone and limited access to email. I will do my best to respond as promptly as possible.... Adios!

Bis Smiles!
Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo



Anonymous said...

Midnight, this sounds so exciting. What an awesome thing to be apart of. Youll be in my prayers friend,

Anonymous said...

All of you will be in my prayers! This is going to such an awesome experience, can't wait to see the photos! Have a safe and wonderful trip!

Jen said...

Melissa, you will do great. It will be a life changing experience! Be prepared to leave a part of your heart with the people you meet. I know that is how I felt when I came home from my trip to China last spring. I will be praying for you and the medical staff while you are there.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Melissa, We made it home after a long day of traveling and a couple of delays causing me to miss a flight out of St. Paul. I had to run across the airport to Alaska to get a flight and had to go through Seattle to get home. I arrived at 11:00 pm. Thank you so much for being my roommate and for the beautiful photos. You are a delight and I hope you will be joining us on future trips. Happy Holidays, may all your dreams come true! Can't wait to hear how the trek to Macchu Picchu was...Jackie