FACES Peru Trip | Day 6

Today seems to be going very smoothly with two cleft pallets and one lip up on the menu. Everyone seems to be settling in the grove of the trip and yet at the same time I catch more and more people taking cat naps around the clinic.

The day started a bit more calm, we said goodbye to all our patients first thing in the morning because they are doing so well. Levi and Jorge both went home with a visual change in their face, happy as could be with the soccer balls and toys. Martina was also discharged later this morning and let with her caring sister. It's simply amazing that we can come for one week and change a patient for a lifetime.

Bye Jorge!

Bye Levi!

Bye Martina!

Delia on the right (our amazing Peruvian help), Jorge and Tammy.

We began the day with Nicol, this sweet 19 month little girl with a open palate. Oftentimes when this is the child's first surgery it can be very hard and scary fro the parents. When Nicol when into the Or mom began to cry for her daughter. It's so touching to know that Nicol's mom truly cares for her and is concerned for her daughter but just can't do anything about it. It's a blessing to know FACES can help needy children when their parents can't even help.

Here's sweet Nicol... her palate was repaired so there isn't much to see... and good luck getting a 19 month to open their mouth.

Jesse and Jackie working the music. It helps with concentration you know.

The second case was very sad. We proceeded as normal and Tammy prepped little Leonardo, 17 months, for surgery. He was brought here by his mom and grandma. While we were prepping him we learned he had been on medication earlier this week but was initially cleared for surgery for his cleft palette. While under his lungs started to react to medication given to clear them up. The medical team– who is ultimately responsible for the childs well being– did not feel comfortable continuing the operation and decided it best for the child to cancel the operation. After the child woke up and the mom and grandmother returned tears of saddened began flowing because of disappointment that little Leonardo could not be operated on... he was not well enough for the surgery. It broke my heart to see the family cry for this poor little boy.

Thanks again for reading everyone! I'm so happy to share with you all. I can't wait to decompress further about this trip. It's been so fast that I know there are more feelings and thoughts going on. Thanks for being with me every step of the way.

Big Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



Kate Misrack said...

Melissa- You never cease to amaze me with your talents. But this is by far your best and most important work yet. You and the team are doing great things! Thank You! Safe travels.
Hugs and best wishes,