FACES Peru Trip | Day 4

Isury was our first patient today. FACES saw her last year for her cleft lip– it was successful and she came back today for her cleft pallet. Little Isury is now 18 months old and the first and only child in her family. Turns out mom found FACES at the location where she gave birth.

Isury was full of energy. She recognized the doctors in blue from last year and didn't let them forget it. Her surgery was very successful! Here's a image from her surgery.

Second up today was Over. At 19 years old he's one of the older patients this week. He came in for cleft pallet.

And as you can see we all need to talk little naps when we can...
Here's Brian.

Our last patient was Milagros. She became friends with some of the staff since she spent time here last year for her pallet surgery. She's had lip and pallet done in the past and today she will have her nose reconstructed to enable better breathing. Milagros has been working on speech therapy with FACES contact here in Peru, Delia. She's been re-learning to speak her naive language and also taking on the task of learning English. "She's been doing wonderfully" reports Delia and will continue to improve because of her hard work. Thanks to FACES her confidence has grown and now she is helping parents understand what their children are going through. I've caught glimpses of her chatting with parents in the waiting room. What a godsend she is!

Here she is going into surgery...

And the final shot is from Christina, the anesthesiologist.

Thanks so much for reading the past few days! We're officially half way through the weeks cases. Stay tuned for more!

Big smiles... for me and the kids too!
Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo



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