FACES Peru Trip | Day 1

We've made it. 3 flight zero sleep and 24 hours later the we have made it to Chiclayo. A place where the people use their vehicle horns more then New Yorkers.

As an observer and first timer on this trip it's been quite interesting watching the team take on their roles in the clinic. Each person came over with a personal bag and a bag double that size of medical supplies. It's been quite amazing to see all the equipment needed to make these surgeries possible.

Saturday morning we arrived at our hotel, which is a beautiful place tucked away off the street. Delia, FACES contact here in Peru, did a fabulous job! After we arrived we ate a quick breakfast and were given "free time" AKA "nap time" which everyone gladly took advantage of. At this point any flat surface would do– I was beat! After a few hours we all grabbed our bags and headed over to the clinic to set everything up, understand our surroundings and make sure to had all the medical supplies needed. There are 3 main rooms we will be using– the OR, the recovery and the extra storage/computer work area. It's quite interesting to see the ins and outs of the medical situations... more on that to come. Oh, and by the way– nothing like the shows on TV.

Currently it's Sunday morning, the first day of surgeries and the team is excited to get this ball rolling. I can't wait to share my first day of surgeries with you. Wish me luck and a strong stomach!

Oh, and the people here are nothing but generous, kind, and loving. They completely go out of the way to help.

Here is the team trekking the medical supplies to the clinic just a few short blocks from our hotel.

The front of the clinic.

A birds eye view of the OR

Jeff giving a overview.

And side street right next to the clinic

Thanks everyone for reading. I hope to post daily here in Chiclayo.
Happy day and big smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



Elizabeth said...


What an incredible opportunity this is for you. I am amazed already, and your trip has just begun! I hope you have a wonderful time, and I look forward to following the adventure on your blog.

Have a wonderful time! Did you get the frequent flier miles? :-)

Leslie Zagelow said...

In the photo with the 4 people in scrubs there is a tall and beutiful girl. I think that her name is Melissa McDaniels and I went to high school with her. From her facebook page I hear is a surgical tech at OHSU, so I am sure that is her!!!! What a small world! If so, please tell her that Leslie Dukart from Madison High says "hello".
Have fun and be safe. What a wonderful opportunity you have in front of you. Best wishes.

Bonnie Lewis said...


These are great pictures and I am so excited that you get to document this! What a great opportunity this is! I am so excited for you, God bless!

Cake & Co. said...

The teddy bear picture is my favorite out of the bunch! I love how the teddy bear is watching over the child