Baby Noah West | Newborn Portraits

Introducing little baby Noah West! With a name like that he's bound to be a rockstar, don'tcha think? Let me tell you a bit about Noah. He's a coo-er. You know, that little adorable baby cooing that just melts any females' heart to butter. In a instant. It's darling, he's darling, and his parents aren't half bad themselves. We're friends so I feel at liberty to speak my mind :) Not only was I able to photograph this little man, but I'm happy to say I'm sure I'll see him grow up as well.

Here'sssssss NOAH!

baby details make me swoon.

He's a happy little guy... it took a bit to get him there but now he's happy and asleep.

One of my favs!

N is for Noah. The books are from his great grandpa whom he's named after.

mom and dad :)

Enjoy! I just love a little baby.
Big Smlies, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo



studio m said...

I love Noah!!!! And his polka-dot bloomers.

Amanda said...

These pictures are AMAZING! (My 'nephew') Noah is so adorable and you definitely captured his laid-back essence. And the pictures of Mama and Papa are awesome!

Mortgage Freedom and Financial Services, Inc. said...

These are wonderful! L-O-V-E them!

JB said...

Love the bookshelf concept. That's money shot for me. You did an excellent job capturing Bari and Michael's personality. Well done.

Cake & Co. said...

Pretty much, the most adorable baby pictures ever!!! He's so cute! Great job photographing him!

Winnie said...

LLLOOOVEEE them, you did a great job capturing this special time for the Showells!