Baby Noah West | Newborn Portraits

Introducing little baby Noah West! With a name like that he's bound to be a rockstar, don'tcha think? Let me tell you a bit about Noah. He's a coo-er. You know, that little adorable baby cooing that just melts any females' heart to butter. In a instant. It's darling, he's darling, and his parents aren't half bad themselves. We're friends so I feel at liberty to speak my mind :) Not only was I able to photograph this little man, but I'm happy to say I'm sure I'll see him grow up as well.

Here'sssssss NOAH!

baby details make me swoon.

He's a happy little guy... it took a bit to get him there but now he's happy and asleep.

One of my favs!

N is for Noah. The books are from his great grandpa whom he's named after.

mom and dad :)

Enjoy! I just love a little baby.
Big Smlies, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo



studio m said...

I love Noah!!!! And his polka-dot bloomers.

Amanda said...

These pictures are AMAZING! (My 'nephew') Noah is so adorable and you definitely captured his laid-back essence. And the pictures of Mama and Papa are awesome!

Mortgage Freedom and Financial Services, Inc. said...

These are wonderful! L-O-V-E them!

JB said...

Love the bookshelf concept. That's money shot for me. You did an excellent job capturing Bari and Michael's personality. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much, the most adorable baby pictures ever!!! He's so cute! Great job photographing him!

Winnie said...

LLLOOOVEEE them, you did a great job capturing this special time for the Showells!