Kali and Ethan | Boise, Idaho Wedding

Kali and Ethan.

Have you seen the closing scene in the movie "Hitch"? You know the scene where this beautiful and totally goofy couple are dancing with all their friends. You know it, I know you do. They are all doing crazy moves down the middle, like.... ahem... the robot. Yes, this is exactly Kali and Ethan. Except Ethan is a bit taller than Albert Brennaman and much better looking (I think Kali would agree) and not a accountant. But other than, that this closing scene totally wraps them up in a pretty little box.

Let me explain.

Two people totally in love that when looking at them one might be intimated by how ridiculously good looking they are, but here's the catch. They are total goofballs. That robot dancing example in the above paragraph was not a example. Literally, they did the robot together on the dance floor and ripped it up! They laughed together, they cry together the care for one another in ways that make me smile. I love these two and am so happy I know them, and am even more happy they are now Mr. and Mrs.

Kali and Ethan. You were amazing, fun and exciting to photograph. Thank you for inviting me to photograph your wedding-- I had a blast! Thank you for inviting me to capture the most intimate moments of your day. Cheers to the beginning of YOU.

The Ladies got ready at the home of a friend in Boise, Id.

The guys got ready at The Modern, a hotel in the Linen district.

I was lucky to be the only witness to this tender moment when K&E first saw each other. Ethan's praying over their day.

I had so many favorites from this wedding. This is one of them... as well as the next 20 or so images.

I was lucky enough to photograph Kali and Ethan during the 1st look as well as just them after the ceremony for some super yummy light. More of that in a bit...

Let's get married.

We had time to roam around the Linen District with the happy couple... and now happy photographer. PS their new last name begins with a "C." Sweet!

On to a pretty local park with yummy light.

Back to the Linen Building for a rocking reception filled with toasts, the robot, and dancing galore.

Happy rest of your life!

Big smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography



Jen said...

Love it!!

These pictures are amazing.

I love her dress too! Absolutely beautiful! :-)

Bonnie Lewis said...

These are seriously beautiful! You did such a wonderful job not only capturing beautiful images but capturing a beautiful couple. You not only capture a picture, but a moment. I love it.

Embrace Life said...

Wow! You did an amazing job, Melissa! I love the whole thing.

Alexandra said...

Awww haha these photos are so cute! My favorite is the one of the bride with her bridesmaid - perfect!

Anne Nunn Photographers said...

love the groomsmen shots and the B&G in the leaves. Great job!