I fear I might be going cazy.

I fear I might be going crazy. Might be. I'm yet to be a full fledged crazy lady. But I "might" be going crazy. This week Josh and I were going over our Strengths Finder test. I learned more on this test than on any other personality mumbo jumbo quiz. And, I might add, as I get older I seem to wiggle myself deeper and deeper into these said categories. Some are so true they are hysterical, some, on the other hand, make me fear for my friends!!! How could I be so crazy as to not notice?

Speaking of fearing for my friends, I also fear for my unborn children. I am turning into a crazy lady who not only collects random objects for which I have no use, but to top it all off I photograph them too! To make matters worse I don't even wear perfume. I try, I really do. I love the little bottles that are filled with promise to make you sexy, irresistible or attract 5 little golden Labrador puppies. Whatever it may be I still want that promise of a better life.

Because doesn't everyone want to attract golden Labrador puppies everywhere they walk? I do. Anyway, I like this image so much I might just hang it in my bathroom... the one with the bottle collection. Genius. Or maybe that much more crazy.

PS. just in case there is any confusion I'm not currently pregnant. I knew someone was going to ask :)

Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Deyla Huss Photography said...

Yeah welcome to the crazy club!!!! I love it Melis!!! When I read this, I cracked up!! And I haveto say attracting 5 little golden labrador puppies is quit the task so way to go!