Foto Friday | Tardy

Sigh. I just had to get over the fact that I didn't make Foto Friday on Friday. I have to admit I feel like a failure. I feel I let people down and I let my self down... and I'm sorry. I realize time and time again I put too many expectations on myself, to tight a deadline, and too many plans. Sometimes, AKA all the times, I think things can get done in a hour or two when they usually take days. Why do I do this? I really don't think I'm superwoman, so why do I tell myself I can work really fast and get it all done? One of these days I'll learn... I hope! Until then...

There are a few things I learned this week listed in bullet format. I love bullet format! It's organized and clean.

  • Time off is fabulous! I had a real, normal person weekend and it was refreshing and rejuvenating after a full week.
  • Don't assume you can hike 8 miles at a moderate rate and be totally fine. Not only were my legs jello on Saturday night but since then I've been waddling around cause I'm so sore.
  • I was reminded how activities, when done together, really bond people. It is a completely different way of connecting.
  • I believe we will burn through our half cord of wood in no time. Real fires can't be beat. Smoke alarm and all.
  • People can forgive. I can forgive myself for not posting Foto Friday on Friday. Reality is, when it comes to my personal life I'm always fashionably late. Oops!
Anyway, here are some interesting shots from the Beavers game on Halloween. Which would have been perfect to post on Friday the 13th, but, what are you gonna do?

This is my favorite... or at least one of 'em. I love the partial story of the marching band among the sea of orange and black.

And this dude! Do you see him? He's totally wearing a costume that makes him look like he's sitting ontop of someone. RAD. Nicly done.

Ok, this IS my favorite. Just look at him! I love it. PS not a costume.

Ok. Happy Monday!
Big tardy Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



Craig Mitchelldyer said...

Maybe I'll have you be my assistant at a football game one of these days you had some pretty good seats!

Deyla Huss said...

OK that last one is just simply.... RAD!!! hes fierce.. oh wait show me sexy.. oh I know you can do it... there ya go!!

Bunn Salarzon | Photographer said...

Melissa, an editorial photographer? Nice! I like that first shot, too!