Foto Friday | It's all about me

Sometimes it is all about me. Sorry. But really, it is.

I shoot what I like, I choose locations based on what I think are good, creative locations. I critique the images I take and ultimately decide what's best for my company and for my client. I truly believe any photographer should own that. With that being said, it's part of why clients hire me. For my eye. For my creativity. For my opinion. And possibility for my fabulous comedic talents which include but are not limited to me tripping over myself. Every.single.session. Moving on.

This presents a problem when I need to do things that can't possibly use my talent. Like, hypothetically speaking, having portraits of myself. Gulp. Which is exactly why I enlisted in a trusted and talented photographer, Emi of Evoke Photography.

Some of you know I'll soon be leaving this blog behind because there is something better and bigger coming. I'm not sure when it will be complete but it does require updated everything- including new portraits.

Here's just a sneak peek of the photo shoot. A huge hug for Emi. She's the best.

Happy Friday.... night!
Big smiles,
Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography



i and m photography said...

These are great!

Elizabeth said...

Melissa, these are so pretty. You look great!

Alexandra said...

Wow I love those! She did a beautiful job!

Melanie Whitaker Photographer said...

These are so cute! I love the last one...and very cute dress!!!

Deyla Huss Photography said...

Look at you cutie!!! love these! they turned out great!