Thanksgiving Feast Photos

Well, It's Monday. The end of Monday, Cyper Monday, that is. Did you get any good deals?
Thanksgiving was delicious and I've been reaping the benefits for the past 3 days now. Turkey and the fixings... they've lasted Josh and I that long. Here's the 3.... we ended up with.

Blueberry martini, and turkey...

... gravy and cranberry sauce...

....Italian stuffin' (gross!!) and mashed potatoes.

OK, I know that's not 3 but I didn't eat the Italian stuffing cause I think it's gross but Josh loves it, so, naturally we had to make it.... and I'm not sure that martini's and gravy count. Gravy is like a result of cooking turkey and well, Martini's are a drink. And they are delicious I might add!

Yum! Thanksgiving was surprisingly relaxing and delicious. I was curious t find out how this meal would taste, but it was delicious! Never underestimate the power of butter. :)

Big smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.

Thanksgiving Feast. Which items would you choose?

I just asked this question on my twitter and facebook and am getting some great responses. I would love to hear what your planning on eating for thanksgiving... and if you had only 3 items to eat what would you choose?

Here are clearly some of the favorite Thanksgiving feast items that have been suggested (in no particular order).

  • turkey (duh)
  • mashed potatoes
  • wine
  • stuffing
  • cranberry sauce
  • pie
  • gravy
  • dinner rolls

Anyone got any other favorites... such as...
  • jello mold
  • green bean casserole
  • yams
  • sweet potatoes
  • salad.... does anyone even eat salad on Thanksgiving?
You should suggest your favorite items in the comment box. and while your at it... add one thing you are thankful for. I'll start the trend off (minus the favorites part cause I'll save that for later). Check the comments....

Why? Oh, because for the first year I'll be cooking Thanksgiving with the help of Josh. And for 2 people why make all the fuss? I want 3 items I should cook. That's it. So, maybe dinner rolls and wine don't count....? Maybe I'll even document our feast. And I'm even thinking we'll eat at a normal hour... like 6. Wouldn't that be nice?

Happy THANKSgiving.
Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.

Foto Friday | Fine Art Gallery

Inspiration is a tricky thing. It comes and goes and can be found in the most random of situations. It requires you to think, analyze, and record. Mine? It comes in the most random of times. I may be walking on the street, putting on my gym socks, looking in a vintage store, shopping in general, other artists, or online. Funny how life works, isn't it?

And as Lauren states below, these things "deserve to be up in a gallery"... or I would be happy if they are out in the world. Therefore, I have hand selected a few images from the past year or two that I would love to be up in people's homes. This gallery will only be on sale for 2 weeks. They would be perfect for holiday gifts for someone you love or yourself. If you want to check it out click here to visit the Inspiration Fine Art section on

The last wedding I just posted, Lauren and Andy, was extremely inspiring to not only me but to the clients as well. I asked her if I could re-post her email from her perspective on this image. Here is Lauren, the bride's perspective.

"He literally woke me up at some god-awful hour... to come see what he stumbled upon because he knew I would love it. And I did. We both do. Andy and I agree: this photograph looks like it should be in a gallery, not just a wedding photo album.

And the more I looked at it, the more I felt like it sort of "represented" us: we had a tough road to get to where we were on our wedding day with having to be apart for work reasons, "friends" that didn't support our decision to get married, etc., so the fact the we are illuminated by a ray of light on our wedding day is simply poignant and meaningful, and furthermore the fact our shadows are cast FORWARD instead of backward means to us that... while the past is there, from where we stood on our wedding day it meant, more importantly, that all of the future was ahead of us. We didn't need to look back, we could only look forward to see how amazing our life was going to be, what sort of people were are going to become together."

As you can imagine, that's one of the hugest compliments an artist can receive. To have someone inspired by their work.

Happy Friday and Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.

I fear I might be going cazy.

I fear I might be going crazy. Might be. I'm yet to be a full fledged crazy lady. But I "might" be going crazy. This week Josh and I were going over our Strengths Finder test. I learned more on this test than on any other personality mumbo jumbo quiz. And, I might add, as I get older I seem to wiggle myself deeper and deeper into these said categories. Some are so true they are hysterical, some, on the other hand, make me fear for my friends!!! How could I be so crazy as to not notice?

Speaking of fearing for my friends, I also fear for my unborn children. I am turning into a crazy lady who not only collects random objects for which I have no use, but to top it all off I photograph them too! To make matters worse I don't even wear perfume. I try, I really do. I love the little bottles that are filled with promise to make you sexy, irresistible or attract 5 little golden Labrador puppies. Whatever it may be I still want that promise of a better life.

Because doesn't everyone want to attract golden Labrador puppies everywhere they walk? I do. Anyway, I like this image so much I might just hang it in my bathroom... the one with the bottle collection. Genius. Or maybe that much more crazy.

PS. just in case there is any confusion I'm not currently pregnant. I knew someone was going to ask :)

Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Lauren and Andy | Portland, Oregon Fall Wedding

Lauren and Andy. Sigh. I can't believe my last couple of 2009 is married and I couldn't imagine a more perfect way to end the wedding season. One lovely Lauren marring one lovely Andy on a lovely November day. These two are so in love with each other words can't begin to describe. As Lauren so accurately said on her wedding day, "The gods are smiling on us." It was true... Sun was shining, she was beautiful, friends were helpful and Andy was charming. Never have I before seen a couple care so much for each other and their guests. Even I, as their wedding photographer, felt loved, fed and cared for.

Transportation has played a bit role in their relationship. Let me explain. They met on a cruise ship; Andy from England, Lauren from the US. They spent their dating days on the ship where which would seem all fine and dandy until... Lauren was transferred to another cruise ship when they became engaged. Hence, their engagement was spent on the road, in the air and out to sea. Are you getting my point yet? Having said that they decided to tie the very thing that kept them together or apart- transportation.

Lauren and Andy, Thank you for being so kind, loving people. Thank you for taking care of me on your wedding day when I was there to take care of you. Thank you for being stunning on the inside as well as the outside. I wish you all the travel and happiness one could want.

All the ladies got ready at The Nines

Love this ring shot. It's tied to Lauren's something blue which is in the bustle of her wedding dress.

The guys hanging in The Nines lobby

I really just can't stand how I love this image. The stripes match! They match! Need I say more?

And back to the girls.

Can you tell I thought the bride was gogeous... cause she is!

The first look was done in the most private spot available, a room at The Nines.

During the first look Andy arrived with a gift for his beautiful bride... a diamond bracelet.

The Party. Hayyyyyyy.

Andy and Lauren were married at The Academy in Vancouver, WA.

This was the moment after the placed the rings on each others fingers.


I was blessed to have quite a bit of time with Lauren and Andy on their wedding day. I'm thrilled that was important to them- time for lots of photographs!

The reception was held at Wilf's in Union Station.

Lauren is the queen of DYI wedding details. Look how creative and cute this is!

A tear-filled toast from dad.

A huge shout out to Sara Gray who assisted me. She was amazing! Thanks, thanks, thanks Sara!

Big Smiles to 2009. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Foto Friday | Tardy

Sigh. I just had to get over the fact that I didn't make Foto Friday on Friday. I have to admit I feel like a failure. I feel I let people down and I let my self down... and I'm sorry. I realize time and time again I put too many expectations on myself, to tight a deadline, and too many plans. Sometimes, AKA all the times, I think things can get done in a hour or two when they usually take days. Why do I do this? I really don't think I'm superwoman, so why do I tell myself I can work really fast and get it all done? One of these days I'll learn... I hope! Until then...

There are a few things I learned this week listed in bullet format. I love bullet format! It's organized and clean.

  • Time off is fabulous! I had a real, normal person weekend and it was refreshing and rejuvenating after a full week.
  • Don't assume you can hike 8 miles at a moderate rate and be totally fine. Not only were my legs jello on Saturday night but since then I've been waddling around cause I'm so sore.
  • I was reminded how activities, when done together, really bond people. It is a completely different way of connecting.
  • I believe we will burn through our half cord of wood in no time. Real fires can't be beat. Smoke alarm and all.
  • People can forgive. I can forgive myself for not posting Foto Friday on Friday. Reality is, when it comes to my personal life I'm always fashionably late. Oops!
Anyway, here are some interesting shots from the Beavers game on Halloween. Which would have been perfect to post on Friday the 13th, but, what are you gonna do?

This is my favorite... or at least one of 'em. I love the partial story of the marching band among the sea of orange and black.

And this dude! Do you see him? He's totally wearing a costume that makes him look like he's sitting ontop of someone. RAD. Nicly done.

Ok, this IS my favorite. Just look at him! I love it. PS not a costume.

Ok. Happy Monday!
Big tardy Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.