Sneak Peek | Kali and Ethan's Boise Wedding

I'd be lying if I said anything other then the fact this was a busy week and a half. Scratch that. A busy last 6 months but I don't want to pull history into this.

Last weekend I was so happy to be a part of my friends wedding in Boise, Id. What you say... I thought you were in Seattle, WA last week? I was. I traveled to both in one week. For the record– yes– I am crazy and will do anything to spend quality time with the people I love including traveling ridiculous distances in a short amount of time. Silly? Maybe. Totally worth it? YES!

I wanted to share this rockin' portrait of Kali and Ethan on their wedding day. Yes, this is Boise... I can't wait to share more! The happy couple is enjoying a week in Hawaii. Jealous? I know I am.

Hubba hubba. Can't wait to share the rest!
Big Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



Alice Falzone ( said...

whoa! gorgeous bride! can't wait to see the rest, melissa!

Bonnie Lewis said...

this is stunning!