Foto Friday | Weekend Trees

This is where I'll be this weekend.


This was taken on the way to Boise, Idaho last year (I know, I'm resurrecting the image). If you've been to my place you have seen the huge portrait of this above my fireplace. I love it! I really do. I might be tempted to have Josh pull over on the 84 to take a 2009 version.

This is the crazy life I have. I thought after a busy summer I'd be twiddling my thumbs in October... but I have to admit I'm addicted to change and this crazy schedule of mine keeps life interesting. Maybe the twiddling thumbs will be saved for November?

So, If you think of me this weekend I'll be zooming past the weekend trees above on my way to photographing a beautiful wedding in Boise, Idaho. I can't believe how blessed life can be.

Big Smiles for Foto Friday!
Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



Danielle said...

I would totally hang this image above my fireplace too or even in the master bedroom. I love the serenity trees can give. Safe travels!