Foto Friday | Portrait with Flash

WARNING: Not looking like my typical work, and it's weird/good. It's been a crazy week around here. Hence the reason Foto Friday is almost Foto Saturday. Blah, blah, blah... life is busy. However, I wanted to break out of my box a little bit. Stretch my legs a little... creativity speaking.

I drove down to Kim's place this week and we had a little off camera flash fun. It's totally not how I usually shoot but I have to admit I've vibing with it. can you believe this is Kim's yard! But I would love your feedback on the images. Tell me your thoughts.

In the image on left I'm using the flash to create the look of a sun flare without having one. Loving this trick for our cloudy Portland days....
f 7.1 @ 1/125

In the image on the right I'm exposing for the sky and lighting my subject with flash.
f16 @ 1/125

Well, let me know what you think. Thanks and happy weekend!
Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



steve p said...

These are great Melissa. The image on the right looks like an ad for her coat. Is the flash to the camera left in the right image?

Gina Emerson said...

I think it's very cool how these turned out Melissa!

Angela Lee said...

I love the second one...I'd really like to try this sometime...not sure how the metering really works though.

Alexandra said...

Great shots :) It's always great to experiment!

Melanie Whitaker Photographer said...

These are super, I have atempted to do this in the past and not loved it, but then again, I didn't try putting them in B&W...I think that helps if the color of what around you is not the same as your flash (which is what I did wrong before as well). Were you playing with any gels on your flash? Good job.