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Yesterday it came to my attention Foto Friday would be in a few hours and I had nada. I'm kinda starting to wonder what I've got myself into– a new image every Friday. A NEW one. It's really easy for me to pull interesting stuff out of the archive but I really want to keep this fresh.

While I was wasting time on facebook, like most of us do, I decided to thumb through my pictures on MY profile. This year I am guilty of not uploading personal photos. How tragic! I was kinda curious what I would find 'cause I don't keep track. I skimmed some photos from last winter I realized that my poor little photo assistant has been neglected. She is truly amazing and I couldn't imaging this office with out her. She's my mascot, my smile and my lunch buddy. I don't have a "water cooler" office area where I can chat about my day like a lot of other people, but what I do have is a companion during office hours. Well, and off office hours... but really when you work for yourself who can really tell the difference?

Oh little Persay. I love you and couldn't imagine the day to day activities without you. I don't particularly love it when I trip over you or when you follow me at lunch but what I do love is your snuggle on my lap at 5:30pm telling me the day is over, your constant company and your undying love even if I don't give you treats. Persay, thanks for being so ridiculously funny... I mean really, what dog still sleeps in a basket? You do! Thanks for being the best office assistant ever.

However, I'm willing to guess that my little photo assistant doesn't share the same admiration for productive office days. Can't have it all, I guess.

Who's your office buddy?

Big Smiles,
Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography



Alice Falzone ( said...

aaaaawwwweeeeee!!!! i LOVE him!!! your post is so sweet, melissa! :-)

Mandi said...

I love your office assistant! So hilarious!!! Great post!
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Zoey said...

Copper is my office buddy. He sleeps at my feet or right next to my chair most of the time. He makes sure to keep track of my breaks and when I've been sitting in the office too long. He jumps up on my lap and insists we go for a walk. :)