Foto Friday | Oh No!

Oh No! Apparently it's fall and I just found out. This week I looked at the few sweaters I have in my closet and cringed. I am so not ready for itchy wool, scarves and rain gear. It's quite restricting.

On a more cheery and less fall-ish note, The Secret Sessions are starting in a few hours! It's going to be so fun. I know these will be perfect for holiday presents for the guys... Oh Joy. Even better... this time around I get to share a session on the blog! It's not a boudoir session but a after session! Hence the reason I'm sharing! I'm excited. Before I use my allotted amount of exclamation marks for the year I'm singing off... (!!)

Until then, cheers to Foto Friday.

Oh, and if you're real lucky I'll be posting A&C's wedding today! Let's see if I can get everything done. Cross your fingers :)
Big Smiles!
Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Alice Falzone ( said...

this is horrible news!!!
i even have a nasty cold to support your post... :-(
fall means winter means rain...

on the other hand: have FUN with your secret sessions!!! yay!

(i should hire you for boudoir photos of me... hhhhmmmmmmmmm)