Foto Friday | + a little about marriage

Someone asked me last night if marriage was like it's displayed in Hollywood Movies. Of course they didn't really believe it that, nevertheless it got me thinking. How much of what we perceive of the world is built on what the media has shared with us? How have we come to trust this black box in our living room and not reach out to talk to people who have been there, done that.

The truth is marriage is so far from how Hollywood depicts it one could say it might not be the same category at all! Marriage is so much more than physical attraction, shiny rocks and new things (even thought I like those too). It's so much more then parties and coordinated His and Hers outfits and cute little puppies. Marriage is a team. Possibly in every aspect of the word.

Team Tomeoni. Occasionally, that's what I call us. It helps shift the focus from me (I know, why would I want to do that?) and onto us. I know this is so clich̩, but marriageРor life in generalРis about the little things, the everyday. It's about dealing with dramaРtogether. It's about meetings regarding money, meetings about meetings, about trips, feelings, expectations, unmet expectations and the list continues. It's about discussing, deciding the route and cheering each other through that decision 'till it's complete. Even if it was not your first choice. Marriage is also about intimacy, tears, laughter, silent moments, listening, holding, screaming, compromising, working, chores, exciting and unexciting moments. I can't express how much better marriage is in real life then on TV. Really, marriage is nothing like the movies and I believe we are all better for it.

So, when on our way to Boise last weekend my teammate asked me if I would like to pull over to take a photograph. I agreed wholeheartedly because in a world full of beauty, shiny rocks and new things all I really need is my normal, everyday tree.

Here's the 2008 version of the trees if you missed it from last time.

Big smiles and cheers for Team Tomeoni.
Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



Mrs. F-B's Books Blog said...

Love the sentiments this week and the photo. I was thinking you might get a pretty one this time of year. Lovely job! Maybe you should dive this route in all the seasons - do a series.

Sara Sievers said...

Well put, Melissa, well put. I could not agree with you more.