Amy and Colin | Wedding!

Amy and Colin... never have I seen two people more in love. I know they are a wonderful couple and will make a happy Mr. and Mrs. They are caring, concerned, tender and gracious with one another. It was truly a pleasure to photograph them on their wedding day.

The September wedding took place at Zenith Vineyard in Salem. All I have to say is two thumbs up for Zenith, I love this venue! Amy and Colin choose a burnt orange and cream accents for the reception. The ceremony color scheme was a classy black, white, cream and just a touch of orange. It was gorgeous! Oh, and all the dahlias were compliments of grandma. Flowers and the gorgeous decor were designed by the lovely people at Vibrant Table. So gorgeous!

Congratulations you two!

Amy was spying on Colin! She's so cute.

Most of the guys know each other from boarding activities... so they had a special request.

Meanwhile the girls were getting ready... I love this image because of all the helping hands.

A smoking hot bridal party.

This is one of my favorites of Amy and Colin.

The ceremony was perfect, a photographers dream. The lighting was beautiful, as was the decor, people and vibe. I loved it.

This is the moment I began to tear up. The newly Mr. and Mrs. happily walked down the isle big smiles and all. The moment they finished walking down they quickly hid behind the flowers and decor for a huge hug and passionate kiss. To witness two people so in love is such a honor.

The reception at Zenith Vineyards was beautiful. I don't think there is another venue like it here in the Portland, OR area.

I'll finish up with some details of the wedding.

I haven't even posted these portraits of Amy and Colin yet... but you can a few here. They scheduled a second engagement session to give portraits to family as wedding gifts and enlarged some of them for the wedding.

The end! Congrats Amy and Colin!

Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Mary (Mary's Monday Musicology) said...

Such a beautiful wedding!! Your pictures are amazing as usual ;)I love the one with the guys on their boards... oh boys...

Deyla Huss Photography said...

BEautiful work Melissa! I aodre the one of them in B&W when the bride is laughing as he is kissing her shoulder!! beautiful details, what a perfect day!

Katie Anderson said...

Lovely! The colors are so warm and beautiful. I love the photo that you captured of them kissing after walking down the aisle. How sweet!

Alexandra said...

These are SOOO beautiful, I couldn't tell you which is my favorite because they are all so amazing :)

Embrace Life Photography said...

Great work, Melissa! I love the kiss at the end of the aisle. The skateboarding shot is really fun, too. Very cool.

Kim O'Neil Photography said...

Melissa, by far my favorite wedding of yours...all the pics are simply gorgeous! What an amazing wedding with absolutely marvelous details...completely the photographer's dream! You should publish this one, for sure!!