seriously. this is why i do that i do.

I've been having issues lately. Kinda like multiple personality disorder but in the business sense. Like, I want to makeover my business in 800 different ways and I can talk myself into and out of all 800 of them. I want to go modern, I want to go vintage, but maybe I fit clean... see where I'm going with this? Issues.

As you might have been able to tell my blog has had a sudden face lift... or face off. It suddenly had some design issues (my favorite word) so apparently I'm starting from a clean slate. And might I add not on purpose. Get ready for more makeover goodies to come. Once I can make a decision, that is.

All issues aside. And, yes, I'll revisit this topic later. I wanted to share with you the reason I'm a photographer.

light. creation. beauty and story. I feel totally fulfilled and can now go to bed happy.

Smlies. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Steve said...

Who's the couple? Did I miss this from a previous post? Doesn't look like red hair either :) said...

I feel the same way about multiple personalities -- but, in the business sense! haha! And, because I get to do what I do I can go to bed happy, too. :)

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

@steve... so you didn't miss anything, i just photographed them last night. check back soon!
@bunn totalllllllly. goodness. too many good options

Deyla Huss Photography said...

Yeah for finding happiness in the realm of your business and art! Its a feel good thing to say "hey this is why I do what I do!" its like snapping your fingers! Beautiful shot and way to go on a "face" lift!