Mariah | Senior Portraits

I believe it was during Mariah's senior portrait session I admitted to have never read Twilight. A quick gasp came from her Mariah's gorgeous smile upon the information that I must me the most out-of-date person ever. But then she too admitted to never wanting to read it either! "That's what I said too. But I tried it, you have to read it!" Mariah and I have something in common. We tend to shy away from things that are uber popular. Everyone is reading it so I'm going to choose not to. I'm not sure why I'm that way but from what I hear I should give this book a try. After all, fall is here (sad.) and winter will be quickly behind. I'll need to stock up on fun reading material for hibernation. Anyone want to part with their copy for a little bit? I'll return it, I promise. But keep in mind, I'm a serious corner folder.

Back to Mariah's senior portrait session– It was a blast. Her outfits are adorable which happens to be completely inspiring to me, the light was beautiful (also inspiring) and we found some corn fields! Fun, fun! OK here are the goods.

One of my faves

I also love this laughing one.

Mariah's mom ordered these just like this for a storyboard. I love it when mom's order the portraits with a little more edge.

Super cute cornfields

And the gorgeous evening light. Thanks Mariah, your session was so much fun!!

Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography



Jen said...

I'll be willing to let you borrow my copy of Twilight. :-) I think you'll get sucked in like the rest of us! Great read.

You can email me at jendeitz(at)hotmail(dot)com to let me know where to send it.

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

Jen! You are so sweet. I will email you. Thanks!!