Mariah | Senior Portraits

I believe it was during Mariah's senior portrait session I admitted to have never read Twilight. A quick gasp came from her Mariah's gorgeous smile upon the information that I must me the most out-of-date person ever. But then she too admitted to never wanting to read it either! "That's what I said too. But I tried it, you have to read it!" Mariah and I have something in common. We tend to shy away from things that are uber popular. Everyone is reading it so I'm going to choose not to. I'm not sure why I'm that way but from what I hear I should give this book a try. After all, fall is here (sad.) and winter will be quickly behind. I'll need to stock up on fun reading material for hibernation. Anyone want to part with their copy for a little bit? I'll return it, I promise. But keep in mind, I'm a serious corner folder.

Back to Mariah's senior portrait session– It was a blast. Her outfits are adorable which happens to be completely inspiring to me, the light was beautiful (also inspiring) and we found some corn fields! Fun, fun! OK here are the goods.

One of my faves

I also love this laughing one.

Mariah's mom ordered these just like this for a storyboard. I love it when mom's order the portraits with a little more edge.

Super cute cornfields

And the gorgeous evening light. Thanks Mariah, your session was so much fun!!

Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography

Seattle Details

Somehow it's Monday again. These days have whizzed by like a kid on a scooter. Really, Monday again? I'm looking at the remainder of this week and I fear next Monday will arrive in no time at all.

But Sunday was different. As I said in the last post, I spent the last weekend in Seattle photographing a gorgeous wedding of a gorgeous couple equipped with wonderful vendors. I'll be posting about that wedding soon but for now I wanted to share a few personal details. Josh and I spent Sunday morning exploring the Pioneer Square area of Seattle. It was relaxing and fun to explore a different area of the city.

I am so glad I lugged my pro camera around to capture the details. I really, really enjoy them.

The more I look at them the more I want to print some for my home. I've been itching for a little change around my place. Anyone else have that problem where they have the desire to change their surroundings every few months? I do!

I hope you enjoy them :)
Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.

Foto Friday

I have a new idea! I know, I know. I always have a new idea, but this time I want some feedback (PS this "new" idea is actually almost four weeks old but I haven't done anything about it yet). Don't worry, there will not be a quiz at the end or detention hall or a plate of broccoli waiting for you. I just want a opinion. Here's my idea. Foto Fridays = one photo (for fun) posted every Friday. My reasoning is that sometimes I photograph more then I post. Sometimes I want to shoot for myself. And sometimes I'm secretly hoping this Foto Friday will make me carry my camera just 'cause I enjoy it. And sometimes I want to share share more. Wadaya think?

First Foto Friday.
I don't know what to call the two images below, it but I like 'em. While I was driving home one evening I decided the moon was looking mighty cool and I needed to photograph it. I'm so deep sometimes. I enjoy photographing in the dark cause you never know what you are going to get. Painting with light is fun– see the right image? There is a green streak in the mid right, and I don't know what it is. I guess it's the mystery I enjoy.

It's almost five in the evening on Friday and what I actually need to be doing is packing for Seattle. I'm leaving for the weekend to photograph a lovely wedding in downtown Seattle on Saturday. I can't wait :) I also am hoping to take some personal images along the way. Keep me accountable, OK?

Happy weekend all!
Big Smiles, Melissa with Soul Mates Photography.

Danielle and Tyler | Engaged!

Even though they attended the same college (Chapman! My alum too) and ran with similar circles, Danielle and Tyler never really took second notice of one another until they found common ground. Dinner Parties. Dinner Parties? Yes, Dinner Parties. And so their story begins surrounded by friends, good food and mid-week dinner parties.
Dinner parties: someone would host and someone would prepare dinner, and everyone would eat. Ta-da! Danielle and Tyler meet. Each time people rotated and soon the group grew big and more people were attending. This is where Danielle and Tyler learned to love good food, good wine and each other.

In the kitchen is where they feel most "at home" The first half of their session is 50's inspired kitchen time and the second half is in in the City of Orange, CA.

This was the sneak peak last week

Tyler is really proud of his knife set and Danielle is really proud of her custom designed engagement ring :)

They were cracking up the whole time!

Danielle has her own cake decorating company, Cake and Co. Check it out!

Get it? Orange, CA. I know, I know. I'm so creative. ha.

I love how serious this one is

I LOVE this ending one. I think I love the mystery in the image. I just really enjoy it :)

The end!! Happy Engagement! I can't wait for you Hawaiian Wedding :)

Big Cupcake Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.

Shannon and Morgan | Married!

Shannon and Morgan were married at McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse in early September. The wedding coordination was meticulous, I never knew I could like pink and green so much! Even a few of the guests arrived in bright pink. Now, don't ask me how they found the exact shade, but it was perfect. Shannon and Morgan had a beautiful day (the rain held!), an excited wedding party (more like paaartaaaay!) and joyful friends and family.

Shannon and Morgan, Thank you for inviting me to spend the day with you. It was BEAUTIFUL! Just perfect for you two to begin your life together. Congratulations! I wish you two all the best.

I say this every time but, I'm in love with this ring shot! Or maybe I'm just in love with diamonds. I guess my husband is just outta luck.

I believe this is my favorite image from the day.

How cute are they? This is at the first look.

Also a favorite. How can you not smile at this image? I'm smiling right now, it's just too darn cute.

Yummy. Mini cupcakes!

The End!

Big Smiles, Melissa with Soul Mates Photography.