Update: CANCELED. you are all invited to see Sara Dee with me

UPDATE to post 8/11 – I'm sad to announce the show at East Burn has been canceled due to a double booking. There will still be music but my good friend Sara Dee will not be playing. I'm totally bummed.

Come one. Come all!!

Many of you have asked me about the music on my site... Questions have ranged from "Can she come to sing at my wedding? to where can I buy her CD? Who is that? Well, listen up cause I've got some good news for you. Sara Dee (the super fab musician) is coming to PORTLAND!! She'll be playing at The East Burn on August 13th. I'll be there cause I love her, she rocks and redheads stick together. You should be there too.

Check out her music here...

Sara!! So happy you are coming for a visit. YAY.

Here's the dates of her shows in case you are reading and do not live in Portland.



saradee said...

reading this made me cry a little inside. we were both slightly (largely) let down on the inside. i am so sad this show got cancelled. i can only find hope in knowing that when i do make it out, it will be doubly spectacular to make up for the loss.

thanks for the promo-ing. you're amazing. i promise to make an extra special trip as soon as i can!!!

saradee (aka superlover of soulmatephoto)