Twitter and Facebook

Hi Friends!
I'm really excited about something. As I was listening/praying this morning (more of the listening and less of the talking part) I got this super cool idea. I can't wait to share it with everyone but I want you to know I will not be announcing it on here, but even better,-- on twitter and facebook! So if you aren't already on there A. you should join and B. you should follow or friend me. I can't wait. It's going to be awesome. Sorry for being so annoyingly vague but I think it will be WAY more fun that way. OH, and PS. It's not just for local people so if you are anywhere it includes you too. If you are a mom this includes you, if you are a pro photographer this includes you, if you own a point and shoot camera this includes, you if you want to know more people this includes you too!

So twitter is
Facebook friend is just click here cause it's so long.
Facebook fan is here.

YAY for surprises!

Smiles. Melissa with Soul Mates Photo.