To MY Husband

Dear Mr. make-me-smile-every-day, Mr. fight-for-me, Mr. fight-with-me, Mr.Yummy, Mr. love-me-when-I'm-unloveble. My Dear Mr. Tomeoni on our 3rd wedding anniversary.

i love you.
i loved seeing the statue of liberty with you for the first time
i love seeing you in the morning no matter where we are
i wish we could spend every day together whether it's eating, smiling, fighting or laughing.
i know i love you
i know i love spending time with you
i love how we can manage a home improvement project together
i wish you were sitting here with me right now
i love your countless kisses throughout the day
I know there are hundreds.
I love it when you come home to me.
I love how you look every morning when you walk out the door.
i love loving you.
i love our family, our little team
i love life with you.

i love reaching our 3rd year anniversary together. it's so cliché but really i would rather no one to live this life with but you. i love you right by my side day in and day out.
kisses, me.


Thanks to Evoke Photography for allowing us to relive and share our wedding day all over again. Emi and Mike– I am so happy you were there with us!

August 26, 2006. The best day ever.

Big Smiles on my anniversary. Melissa with Soul Mates Photo.



Sara said...

Melissa, this is so sweet! So fun to see your wedding photos too. Hooray for three happy years of marriage! Congratulations to you both.

Jenni Carmon said...

Melissa, your wedding was beautiful, where was it at? You are sucha gorgeous Bride. Congratulations!!

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

Our wedding was at Hartley Botanica in SoCal. Loooooved it.

Deyla Huss said...

SO beautiful Melissa! So happy for you btoh! Smooches and hugs!

Melanie Whitaker Photographer said...

Congrats on your anniversary...your wedding images were amazing, what a couple!!! said...

Melissa, what a stunning redhead you are especially in a wedding gown! :)

Erica Bader said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Love that dress! What a beautiful bride!

Naomi said...

Aaah you look amazing!! Josh is a hella lucky guy ;) I can't imagine prettier wedding photos.

Amy Nieto said...

aw, tears :)