Pajama Monday and Photo Sneak Peek

Happy Monday! Or, if you are spending Monday in your pajama's like myself it would be called Pajama Monday!

I know. Call me lazy call me whatever you will, but I'm contently spending Monday on the couch, with my computer in my pj's with a cup of tea. August as run through my life like a rampant tornado. Seek. Make Chaos. Make Sick. I have to admit Mr. August Tornado has done what he set out to do– make me crazy busy, travel me all over and then leave me with a cold bug. Therefore, it's "Pajama Monday".

Like I've been telling a bunch of people, August is my busiest month.... not only professionally but also personally. For the two of us... ahem... the three of us August is a month of all types of anniversaries. Persay turned two this past week. Happy Birthday to Persay. We threw her a little bar-b-que over the weekend and because I'm a horrible mom already I have no pictures to show for it. So sad. Persay, however, has bones scattered throughout our yard. I'm sure she will be enjoying those for years to come.

August is also the month we, Josh and I, bought our house. Yipee– we survived another year here. August is also the month we started dating and the month we decided to married in. We were married on the 26th only because the 17th (the day we started dating) was a Thursday. So, yea. August is crazy all around. But don't go to fast... I've got some super cute stuff coming up... here's a few sneak peeks for now.

To come within the next week or two...

Erin and Jon's Shelton, WA wedding.

Flan and Tom's Seattle, WA engagement session.

Jihae and Jordan's Aerie Landing wedding in Portland, OR.

And the K family portraits in downtown Portland, OR.

PS. I hope it's okay to mix cupcakes with Sudafed. I've also been doing that all day.

Smiles! Melissa with Soul Mates Photo.



saraDeeeee! said...

cupcakes + (anything) = happiness... particularly funfetti cupcakes

Danielle said...

It's definitely okay to mix cupcakes with sudafed!

Deyla Huss Photography said...

Yeah for cupcakes and sudafed!! what Sudafed!! isnt illegal to have that stu7ff in Oregon now!!! Where ever did you find it! HA! Awesome shots from each one of these girl! I especially cant wait to see the Seattle Engagement session, Fabulous!!!