Lauren is One!

I'm excited to switch it up a bit. Summer is filled and I know I've been posting a lot of weddings recently but I am really excited to show you how much Lauren has grown! I've seen her as a newborn, at 6 months and now at a year! I can't believe it's been a year and she's as cute as ever. Lauren's just learning to walk so she's-a-moving and full of personality. I even convinced mom and dad to step in for a few :) Happy Birthday Lauren!!

little miss curious.

Daddy and Lauren

Mommy and Lauren

We bribed her with some cheese. Yes, we endorse bribery.

And I'll end on this sweet one.

Big Smiles, Melissa with Soul Mates Photo.



Deyla Huss Photography said...

So Stinkin cute!!! so much fun!

studio m said...

Those pigtails and that little belly are just melt-me-sweet. xoxo!

Monica said...

I love the cheese one!

jessica said...

Melissa...these are fabulous... Lauren eating her cheese!