Lauren and Andy | Engaged!

I'm remote blogging from down the street at Jim and Patty's. Shout out to Jim and Patty who make awesome coffee, a sweet place to chill and free internet for those of us who can't function without it. Thank from the bottom of my iced chai latte.

On a more relevant note I want to introduce you to Lauren and Andy! They have one of the coolest stories. Really, get this. They met on a cruise ship while sailing around the world; he the musician she the entertainment coordinator. They have traveled the world together, have been stuck on a boat with each other and worked together. They sailed out to sea and came come back in love.

Andy is familiar with Laurens' everyday just as Lauren is familiar with Andys' everyday. It's the everyday that really makes up life. It's not huge crazy outta this world experiences that are norm. It's the everyday– crossword puzzles, smiling, laughing and walking hand in hand are the everyday. And that, my friends, is what Andy and Lauren do best– together everyday.

I have so many favorites it was really hard to choose. Here they are being cute and reading.

Crossword puzzle anyone?

The red barn with Lauren's darling dress is just too much. Well, Andy looks good too but all us girls know it's all about the dress (and the shoes). Right Andy? wink.wink.


And I'll end on one of my favorites....

Congratulations to Lauren and Andy!!

Big Smiles! Melissa with Soul Mates Photo.