Kelley and Eric | Wedding!

Kelley and Eric are a riot together– I couldn't imagine a better fit. Whenever I've been around them it's constant laughter and good times. They couldn't or wouldn't let anything get in their way of having a great time on their wedding day.

I also couldn't believe this venue. The Alloro Vineyards are– to say the least– gorgeous. I really believed this property has been plucked out of the rolling hills of Tuscany and dropped in Sherwood, Oregon. I really couldn't believe how gorgeous it was. Kelley and Eric's day was warm (only 100 degrees) bright and sunny. My favorite part of the day? I think I can agree with the guests my favorite part of the wedding day was their vows. I couldn't believe how they fit perfectly into each others even though they wrote them independently. Anyway, I would describe it but I'll butcher the story. If someone wants to describe it in the comment section please, be my guest.

A little less conversation and a little more photographs. I know that's all why your hear anyway. After all, that's why I'm here too!

I love this ring image.

And the shoe image is one of my favs too.

The guys are helping Eric finalize his vows.

I loved Kelley's bouquet. It had feathers in it!

Roxy was totally part of the festivites.

I'm a sucker for tender moments

The bridal party in the wine cellar.

The ring dog.

I'll end on this image. This is how I hope to end up some day– attending weddings with my love well past my prime :) It just makes me smile.

The End. Happy Wedding Kelley and Eric!
Big Smlies! Melissa with Soul Mates Photo



Deyla Huss Photography said...

Melissa!!! I adore the shot of the wedding party in the cellar!!! and I love the one of the girls walking in the beautiful sunshine!

Jenni - J. Carmon Photography said...

I was just going to say they are all wonderful but that shot of the bridal party in the wine cellar is off the hook! :) I have never heard of that winery, right by where I live, I will have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

The vineyard is actually a private residence. Our friend was gracious enough to let us use it for our wedding. Thanks again Melissa, you are the best.


Anonymous said...

Melissa, those are amazing!!!! You were fantastic and had to put up with a wild bunch. Thank you!!

~The other red head, Ashley =o)
(Bridal party)

Christy said...

These images are awesome! And you couldn't ask for a nicer location! I absolutely love the inside shot of the wine cellar, great job!

Erica Bader said...

Oh my gosh! The cellar shot is absolutely amazing. What a beautiful location, and you captured it perfectly. said...

The wine cellar shot rocks!