Erin and Jon | Wedding

Erin and Jon's wedding was full of sentimental elements. Before Erin and Jon met she had made up her mind. She knew the perfect wedding venue would be her grandpa's house on in Shelton, Wa overlooking one of the many waterways just outside of Seattle. It was perfect as she spent most childhood summers there. Erin and Jon's wedding was full with sentimental moments. Erin's wedding dress was made by one of her bridesmaids, the wedding ceremony included a lyrical dance by another of her bridesmaids. The family and friends helped where ever possible to ensure the day went smoothly and was surrounded by loved ones... even their dog, Lona.

Erin and Jon, I'm so excited for you. I had such a wonderful time at your wedding! I pray your marriage be filled with joy, communication, love and more love. Congratulations!

I love this ring image. It's just so darling.

During their first look Erin and Jon took a moment to pray together.

The Guys

The Ladies!!

One of the pretty bride

The gorgeous dessert table!

The couple used local daliahs for most of the floral arrangements

Guests were welcomed with their own cards of the local area

Guests were also welcome to play a few games during the reception

Reception time!

Seriously, how darling are they together?!

And then they rode off into the sunset... Such a fun exit– the grooms bike!

And they lived happily ever after.

Big Smlies! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography

To MY Husband

Dear Mr. make-me-smile-every-day, Mr. fight-for-me, Mr. fight-with-me, Mr.Yummy, Mr. love-me-when-I'm-unloveble. My Dear Mr. Tomeoni on our 3rd wedding anniversary.

i love you.
i loved seeing the statue of liberty with you for the first time
i love seeing you in the morning no matter where we are
i wish we could spend every day together whether it's eating, smiling, fighting or laughing.
i know i love you
i know i love spending time with you
i love how we can manage a home improvement project together
i wish you were sitting here with me right now
i love your countless kisses throughout the day
I know there are hundreds.
I love it when you come home to me.
I love how you look every morning when you walk out the door.
i love loving you.
i love our family, our little team
i love life with you.

i love reaching our 3rd year anniversary together. it's so cliché but really i would rather no one to live this life with but you. i love you right by my side day in and day out.
kisses, me.


Thanks to Evoke Photography for allowing us to relive and share our wedding day all over again. Emi and Mike– I am so happy you were there with us!

August 26, 2006. The best day ever.

Big Smiles on my anniversary. Melissa with Soul Mates Photo.

Twitter and Facebook

Hi Friends!
I'm really excited about something. As I was listening/praying this morning (more of the listening and less of the talking part) I got this super cool idea. I can't wait to share it with everyone but I want you to know I will not be announcing it on here, but even better,-- on twitter and facebook! So if you aren't already on there A. you should join and B. you should follow or friend me. I can't wait. It's going to be awesome. Sorry for being so annoyingly vague but I think it will be WAY more fun that way. OH, and PS. It's not just for local people so if you are anywhere it includes you too. If you are a mom this includes you, if you are a pro photographer this includes you, if you own a point and shoot camera this includes, you if you want to know more people this includes you too!

So twitter is
Facebook friend is just click here cause it's so long.
Facebook fan is here.

YAY for surprises!

Smiles. Melissa with Soul Mates Photo.

Pajama Monday and Photo Sneak Peek

Happy Monday! Or, if you are spending Monday in your pajama's like myself it would be called Pajama Monday!

I know. Call me lazy call me whatever you will, but I'm contently spending Monday on the couch, with my computer in my pj's with a cup of tea. August as run through my life like a rampant tornado. Seek. Make Chaos. Make Sick. I have to admit Mr. August Tornado has done what he set out to do– make me crazy busy, travel me all over and then leave me with a cold bug. Therefore, it's "Pajama Monday".

Like I've been telling a bunch of people, August is my busiest month.... not only professionally but also personally. For the two of us... ahem... the three of us August is a month of all types of anniversaries. Persay turned two this past week. Happy Birthday to Persay. We threw her a little bar-b-que over the weekend and because I'm a horrible mom already I have no pictures to show for it. So sad. Persay, however, has bones scattered throughout our yard. I'm sure she will be enjoying those for years to come.

August is also the month we, Josh and I, bought our house. Yipee– we survived another year here. August is also the month we started dating and the month we decided to married in. We were married on the 26th only because the 17th (the day we started dating) was a Thursday. So, yea. August is crazy all around. But don't go to fast... I've got some super cute stuff coming up... here's a few sneak peeks for now.

To come within the next week or two...

Erin and Jon's Shelton, WA wedding.

Flan and Tom's Seattle, WA engagement session.

Jihae and Jordan's Aerie Landing wedding in Portland, OR.

And the K family portraits in downtown Portland, OR.

PS. I hope it's okay to mix cupcakes with Sudafed. I've also been doing that all day.

Smiles! Melissa with Soul Mates Photo.

Valerie and Jeff | Wedding!

Valerie and Jeff's wedding was so much fun because I have never met them until the day of! It was exciting for me to meet them at the Aerie Landing, become friends and watch them get married all in one day. Their bridal party was a riot and the family was full of life and energy. Never have I seen a dance floor become packed so quickly! You didn't have to tell the wedding guests more then once the party was on– they practically ran to the dance floor! I only wish I had a date to stay and dance well into the night :)

Valerie and Jeff, congratulations from the bottom of my heart. I loved being at your wedding, witnessing your tear-filled vows, heart warmed toasts and joyful dancing. It truly was a celebration in honor of you. Congratulations to life as Mr. and Mrs.

My favorite- The first look!

Valerie's wedding dress was gorgeous. A beautiful mermaid silhouette.

I love her tear filled vows to Jeff.

Jeff's quick glance as Val slips the ring on his finger.


All of a sudden the guys on Valerie's side burst out into song! It's a family wedding tradition to sing this song at every wedding... with grampa leading... of course!

The leader himself, grandpa.

The grand finale!

And everyone danced well into the night...

Big Smiles! Melissa with Soul Mates Photography.