Naomi | Senior Portraits

Naomi is full of life. She spent the whole session laughing and giggling with her good friend from grade school. I think it's safe to say this girl had fun. Like I said, Naomi brought her friend along for her senior portrait session in downtown Portland. Her friend was there to, and I quote, "make me smile naturally." But here's the thing– Naomi has the perfect smile every single time. And when I say every time I mean, every time. It's so perfect my jealously factor was swiftly rising!! Even as a photographer I can't produce a natural smile for the camera. Anyway, I know this post has a lot of serious poses but it's only because I had to convince Naomi she had a great serious expression. Don't you think so? Of course her smile is gorgeous... but so is her serious!

Check it out.

Can we say Roxy model? Yes we can!

So glad Naomi braved the bugs for this image.

Let's just end on one of my favorites from the session.

Thanks Naomi! I can't wait for you to see the rest!

Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



Adam George said...

I love the shots of her laying on the ground with the cool old building behind her. Very nice.

Katie said...

what a gorgeous girl and I love the great light in these!

Ashley Isaac said...


Deyla Huss Photography said...

Rockin it as always!! absolutely ADORE the sun flare!!!

Melanie Whitaker Photographer said...

I have to say that I just love her hair! Cutest bangs ever!