My East Coast Side

Apparently I'm a bit behind on blogging. I can't believe it's Friday. Is anyone else feel like this week as come and gone as fast at the road runner? Beep Beep. Here comes the 4th of July. Jeez.
A few things that happened this week that were super cool.
1. Talked to my bro on Skype all the way from London. Love Skype.
2. Met some awesome people this week. I don't want to embarrass anyone so I'll wait till later to point them out.
3. Shopped online. I love shopping online. It's so efficient AND you get packages. What could be better? Thanks to I have 3 new pairs of sandals. I love
4. Oh, and last night I hosed the Click Chicks here at my place and I taught. That's a big one for me cause I don't love public speaking. Ok. I'll be honest. I don't like it much at all but these ladies were awesome. Super attentive and I scheduled a fun photo shoot too. I suckered Josh my husband into modeling for us. I'll have to post some more on that later.

With out further ado... my East Coast side. I know you were all waiting on the edge of your seat for my vacation pictures. Riiight. I'm sure most are off for the 4th of July so happy Independence day to you!!

Here we go...

1st up Providencetown, MA. It's on the very tip of Cape Cod.

Gotta love the self timer

Bike rides! One of my most fav days. I love bikes and I need to own one. I don't know why I don't yet. Clearly something is wrong with me.

This little place graced the cover of Travel and Leisure this month.

1 day of bike riding = million more freckles.

Best award winning clam cAhowder (as Bostonians call it).

Providencetown is known for their artsy community... among many other things.

I love creativity.

Next up Rockport, MA. which is located right above Boston.

YAY. A pic of me by Motif #1.

We stayed at Emerson In By the Sea. It was so serene, huge and charming. Don't you just want to take the settee home with you? I do.

I know, I know. I just couldn't help myself.

A friend in Rockport, MA! Who would have thought?

On to Boston, MA.

I think Bostonians have a good sense of humor, doncha think?

This is right by Paul Reveres house. I guess I found the alley way more interesting.

Last but not least – NYC!!!!

One of our first stops was the MET. They had this awesome exhibit going on – The Model as Muse– focused completely on fashion photographers, the models and the clothes 20's through 90's. It was beautiful.

And see they have soft boxes as lights for the show!

Times Square. Did you know the 2009 ball stays up there until next year? I had no idea!

Our favorite morning bakery. I love the tag line. "Where Bread is Only the Beginning"

Oh yes, me on my birthday. Prior to that day Josh told me my birthday hint was "red".
All I could think of was red apple and red hair.

Red ended up standing for ....
R. romantic
E. eating
D. dress

He took me on a boat tour of the island...

were NYC also as taxis in the Hudson...

A fellow boat tourist.

And then he took me shopping for a fancy dress...

Located on...

And then we rode to the top of the Empire State Building at sunset.

And looked at the pretty view...

Side note: I never hand my camera to other people for this reason.

And then he took me out to a Opera dinner in my fancy dress. Yay for my birthday.

Other NYC adventures include...
Sidewalk food.

Greenwich Village.


And of course the Guggenheim happened to be having a Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit. All his drawings and sketches were on display even ones that didn't get completed! (In case you are confused he is a architect who designed the Guggenheim among many other gorgeous buildings).

The Financial District.

And that's a wrap! Thanks for reliving my vacation with me.

Big Smiles and Happy 4th!
Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



studio m said...

So cool! You make everything look so good!
Side Note: You have to watch 'The International'. There's an insane fight scene that takes place in the Guggenheim.

Tualatin Web said...

Melisa, delightful travel photos and update for us. I lived in MA for two years and chuckled at how they pronounced things, especially "Worcester" because they would say "Woostah" instead.

Sara said...

I love it! The textures are so great. Way to go Melissa!

Sherry said...

Love it! Your vacation photos are lovely. Makes me want to visit all those places ;]

Amy Nieto said...

A) I need to go to that ice cream shop in MA. Why? Well, because it has ice cream and it looks super cute.

b) OMG yellow shoes against an insanely over-zealous flower wallpaper. Awesome!

c) I want to see said fancy dress Josh bought you at macys.

d) I want to visit nyc again SO BAD. I'd LOVE to see the Muse exhibition at MET. thanks.


ian and maalaea photography said...

I love it!
You've inspired me to want to take a trip there!!

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

you should go visit all these places! i love vacations and i think you all should too!

Mandi said...

Awww this makes me want to go on vacation even more!!! So fun! I don't believe we got to see a picture of your dress though??