Kind Words From Champagne

You might remember Mandi over at Champagne Wedding and Event Coordination. I've posted about her before and her darling new company :) Well, I have to say I'm honored to read what she wrote about me. I care what others think about me. I'll admit it. I might even care a little too much but when I read what Mandi wrote I melted. It's crazy what just a few kind words can do to brighten your mood and take all your cares away. I should remember that it also applies to other relationships as well! (Note to self: call family and tell them they rock).

Either way stop on over to Champagne's Blog and check it out.

Thanks Mandi!

Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



missy cochran - photographer said...

Wow, congrats! This is so cool!!

Mandi said...

I meant every word!! Thanks for the shout out!