I'm back and ready for the summer!

Well, I've made it. Sarah and Rob's wedding was beautiful, of course. Our drive along the coast of the New England States was lovely and NYC was fabulous. I also managed to turn one year older while I was gone... Josh did a wonderful job of planning my birthday while we were away (man did I luck out. what a awesome husband). It does, however, feel good to be home. I missed my puppy, Persay and I even got her a little something from our travels.

No I didn't... yessssss I did! She's so cute... I love her :)

I've successfully unpacked, finished the laundry, been to the market and the bank... let's see... returned all my email and phone calls. Phew... Stay tuned for Sarah and Rob's wedding and more of my trip. I'll be posting those real soon :)

Oh, and I'm sure Josh will be tagging me in some photos too... So if you can't wait to see some really embarrassing travel photos of me let's be friends on FB. Click here.

East Coast Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



Alicia said...

That shirt is too cute! Don't worry I get max the puppy clothes all the time. He even has a football jersey