Jody and Gil | Married!

Forget the flowers and throw out the tradition. Jody and Gil (whom you might remember from their retro engagement session) were married on their own terms with a twist of creativity and whimsy. I loved the coordinated use of structure in every element of their wedding from the feathers to the sculpted wood (which could be art work in its self)... continued through the venue, and her gorgeous hairpiece from It even included the formals taken in the industrial neighborhoods of SE waterfront. See, Jody is a architect and you can tell she lives for it. On June 20th– the day of summer solstice– these two wed and vowed to have many more creative fun filled days together.

Jody and Gil. I don't have any other words than, "you rock". Your wedding was gorgeous... I would describe it as a intimate late night cocktail party where all the guests were close family and friends. A wedding with a innovative twist. I can't tell you how honored and happy I am to have been a part of your special day. Thank you a million times over. And of course– congratulations!

A huge thanks to The Olympic Mills Commerce Center for hosting the event and to Culinary Artistry for providing the delicious hors' d oeuvres for the cocktail party.


1st look. I just adore when couples see each other for the 1st time before the ceremony :)

Jody is the queen of props and thinking outside the box. Check out the red umbrella...

... that matches her red feather hair accessory.

L.O.V.E these. This is what happens when brides and grooms give me an entire hour to photograph them before the wedding. We actually stayed all within a half mile of the venue but let me tell you– unique locations galore!

magazine spread. seriously.

The ceremony and reception... Jody and Gil carried their monogram throughout the wedding stationary.

They had a few signature drinks for their guests to sip and enjoy even during the ceremony.

The ceremony location before the guests arrived.

And a darling display of birdcages

Yes... they started on level 2 and rode the elevator down to level 1 where the ceremony was...

...and they walked out of the elevator hand in hand down the fuzzy isle...

...cause they are cool like that.

And the rest of the evening was a wonderful cocktail party filled with yummy food, toasting and good company.

Congratulations to Jody and Gil!

Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Tiffany and Andy | Engaged!

Tiff and Andy. When they showed up at Portland's SW waterfront for their engagement photos I have to say I was excited. I love it when couples totally dress up and Tiffany looks stunning. Andy looks great too, but Tiffany. Wozers. Andy, you better hold on tight. :)

I had the honor of strolling around with these two high school sweethearts and their darling little fur children. We chatted about wedding plans, movies, ribeye steak and kettle corn. As I write this my mouth is beginning to water... kettle corn...ummm.

Tiffany and Andy, Thanks for being super cute so chill and fun to hang with. Andy... I still feel so bad for repeatedly calling you Albert Brennaman. Shame on me for watching "Hitch" too many times! I really hope to drill your name into my brain by the end of July :)


Check out this little cuttie...

It was a gorgeous sunny evening so I used the sun as much as possible... of course.

These next two might be my fav. The mix of the dogs, wood and serious expressions are just doing me in.

These marina portraits are so fresh and stunning. I think it's safe to say they have fun, right?


As I'm relooking at these photographs they are beginning to remind me of the Santa Monica Pier. I'm from socal... and this lighting with the bridges and waterfront shops is really saying warm summer evening on the beach... and that can't equal anything but romance.

The End!
Big Sunny Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.