René and Eric | Engaged!

While I was thinking of what to say about René and Eric it came to my attention that Eric was one of the first people I met when I moved to Portland. I've known Eric longer than I've known René and I've known them as single people and now as a couple. And to be honest it's so stinkin cool!

We were sitting at Bumblekiss when René ordered the hummus plate. She leans in with a sly smile and whispers, "I went on a date the other night." My face and my mouth said the same thing, "What?! Who? Tell me." I'm not very patient when it comes to these things. She proceeded to tell me it was Eric. At first I was shocked as one is when they find out they know both the people... and then I paused and smiled because I knew they fit.

Some would describe René and Eric as calm, comfortable, patient, loving, caring– and they are, to each other. We enjoyed hiking around Mt. Tabor one early Sunday morning.... and I'm so excited for their wedding! I can't wait! They just fit together. It's just that simple.
How cute are they?

I think they were leaving room for the Holy Spirit! Growing up in the church I've heard this a ton ... this just cracks me UP!

gorgeous Mt. Tabor view.

Cause René is hysterical. These guys were racing down the pavement. I was afraid for their face if and when they fell.

I know this a busy image but I love it! It's so serious and so fashionesq.

Caught 'em smiling at each other.

My new favorite pose.

And then we headed over to Vincente's for some drinks... at 11:45 am :)

Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Anonymous said...

Melissa, you make people fall in love with people they don't even know! You're fabulous!! :) Way to rock it girl! :)
Blush Bridal Consultation Group

Melanie Whitaker Photographer said...

I LOVE what you got at the resturant, in fact, I tend to love everything you do when you take a couple indoors for a fun unique switch from the norm. You pull it off effortlessly :)

Winnie said...

I love Eric and did a great job of capturing the two of them. I love how little Renee looks next to Eric!

Deyla Huss said...

Super cute Melissa!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of them through the window, My fave!!

Amber (Shaw) Polisena said...

Melissa - We've never met but you made me cry! The love and beauty you captured here is truly breathtaking - and its especially meaningful to me since its my little sis. You clearly have a special gift and I can't wait to see what you do at their wedding. Thank you for posting these pics and your thoughts. It gave me a glimpse of Rene's world that sadly I rarely get to see. I look forward to meeting you in July!

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

You all are so sweet! Thanks so much for all your kind words... what can I say, my couples are super :)

Mindy said...

I LOVE these photos of my sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law! Your creative eye is SO inspiring!