It has come to my attention (by my dear husband who thought my last blog post was hysterical but only because he knows me personally) if you don't know me personally or my (sometimes) very dry sense of humor you might not know I'm kidding. Blame it on miscommunication. Blame it on tone. Blame it on me. Blame it on misread copy. Either way, I didn't mean to offend and I'm very sorry if I did.

I promise I love Mr. Man-at-the-dog-park-who-gave-me-a-dirty-look-and-asked-if-my-dog-was-wearing -a-Coach-collar. Just to clarify I think dirty looks are hysterical! Really, they crack me up. Beth, my BFF from high school is the queen of dirty looks and every time I get one I burst out laughing. Oh, and I don't care what type of collar your dog wears- he/she could be sporting a twine rope. It's no big thang.

All to say, I'm not mad nor was I venting... just simple story telling :) and maybe a little bit elaborating... but that's storytelling, right? Thanks for understanding!