Mr. Man: The Makeover

Dear Man-at-the-dog-park-who-gave-me-a-dirty-look-and-asked-if-my-dog-was-wearing -a-Coach-collar,

What's wrong with a brand name? I don't understand what the dirty look was for and I'd like you to clarify. I can understand a roll of the eyes because it's pink. I agree, pink is girly. Pink is prissy. The thing is it's cute and I'm a girl and I like cute. No dirty looks please.

Furthermore, I happen to think branding and consistency are key in running a business. Why do you think of all people, Mr. organic-dressed-man-in-Portland, knows about Coach? I'll tell you why. It's simple. It's branding.

Sincerely, The-redheaded-girl-with-the-little-dog-in-the-pink-Coach-collar.

Dear everyone who appreciates Coach,
Here's a trick for everyone who is running their own business, selling things on, or wants to do so in the future: If you want someone to remember you or your company pick one thing and repeat. See what Coach did. The C's upside down and backwards and all over the place. For heavens sake it's a letter in the alphabet and now we associate it with designer purses and shoes.

Here's the thing, I want you to remember Soul Mates Photography. I've chosen something that I love and would love to be remembered by and Whitney is helping me carry this throughout my business. I'm squeezing it into every corner possible. In the past I've called this The Makeover. And honestly, it's true. My company is getting a makeover and I couldn't be more excited. So, Mr. Man-at-the-dog-park-who-gave-me-a-dirty-look-and-asked-if-my-dog-was-wearing -a-Coach-collar, I hope you and a whole bunch of other people appreciate this makeover. And more importantly I hope you remember it.

Without further ado...

EEEE! So cute! Oh, and because you can't feel the paper I'll describe. Close your eyes and imagine the touch of velvet meets swim suite material. Soft plastic meets micro suede. That's the paper and it's glorious! Trust me.

Smiles as big as a C. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



Deyla Huss said...

How exciting!!! yeah!! PS Duke has a coach collar as well and I say "pfffff" to the Man-who-gave-you-a-dirty-look-so-he-can-sleep-better-at-night-guy.


Jenni Carmon said...

Can't wait to feel them!

Taylor said...

Oh, these look so great, Melissa! Love it!

Whitney with B.Design said...

I'm so proud of these!! YAY!!

Anonymous said...

The business cards look awesome!!! Yay for the printer finally getting them right!