Alycia and James | Engaged!

He cracks a joke and she giggles. This is Alycia and James in a nutshell. They don't take life too seriously, they know what they want and they go after it. They are hard workers laughing all the way. It's refreshing! Together, for them life seems carefree.

One of the reasons I love photographing engagement sessions is because I get the inside scoop... or at least that's how I feel when I leave. Aside from finding out how they met, what the spend their free time doing and random facts about Nike shoe collections and how they got their two pugs only one year apart.... Aside from all that I learn so much more than someone can learn from listening. I see how Alycia and James interact– how they care for each other, how James sneaks a quick pinch, how Alycia thinks he's the funniest man in the world. I learn those things. Those things that you can only know from being on the inside scoop.

Alycia and James– Thanks for inviting me to see your side of the story. Thanks for inviting me to learn the inside scoop! I had such a blast with you both and can't wait till your wedding!

The pugs are so, SO adorable.

Don't you just want to take them home with you? I do!

I told you James was the comic!

Alycia, you are smokin gorgeous!

Is James waving at the camera? Yes, he is!

If I were them this would be going nice and big up on the wall.

And that's a wrap!

Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Meaghan said...

We have a pug too and I love that this couple incorporated their's into their engagement shoots. Makes me want to get pictures of ours! Great shots!

Melanie Whitaker Photographer said...

These are so great! PLUS, I know her! Crazy small world. My husband even grew up on the same street as her family when he was just a kid growin' up in Corvallis, OR. She looks so happy :)

Deyla Huss said...

OMG their pugs!! so cute as you know I adore Pugs!! Beautoful shots as always Melissa! you rocked it yet again!!

Kim said...

Another great session! You always look like you're having so much fun with your couples. What a gift! Wonderful shots.