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Just a little something for the grooms...

I'm not sure how I first came across The Man Registry, but what I do know is when I saw "The Man Registry" in bright orange letters, I smiled. I smiled because I know men love to be a part of things that are manly... that's exactly what The Man Registry does for the wedding industry-- it adds that missing element. That element that all our men would smile about... I'm not exactly sure what that is being a woman... but I know it's out there :)

The Owner of The Man Registry, Chris Easter, has answered a few questions so we are able to get to know him a little better... Make sure you also check out The Man Registry by clicking here.

How long have you been a part of The Man Registry?
I co-founded right out of college in August of 2007. I studied business administration at Webster University in St. Louis.

What got you interested in starting your business?
I always leaned towards entrepreneurship. I'd rather be poor and running my own business than rich and working on the 80th floor of an office building. I love the challenge of taking something from an idea to an actual profitable company. I think that my interest in running a company started back in 3rd grade when I asked my teacher if it would be alright if I posted a list of cassettes that I would copy for my classmates (for a price).

What current trend in the wedding industry do you most like personally?
I'm a big fan of the couples wedding shower. I got married last year and some of my future in-laws threw my wife and I a grill-themed wedding shower. We ended up raking in some serious loot that all pertained to grilling or holding backyard get-togethers. Other popular couples shower themes that we hear about often are honeymoon, tool, and stock the bar.

What is your favorite part of being a business owner?
The absolute best thing about being a business owner is that I wake up each morning not knowing where the day is going to take me. My phone can ring at any moment with a great opportunity waiting on the other end. Even better is the fact that entrepreneurs control their own destiny. More dedication and hard work = more doors open up.

More information on The Man Registry....

What can couples do at

  • Register for wedding gifts that are a little more “guy-friendly” than the standard dishware and towels. Our gift categories include: home bar, outdoors, BBQ grill, tools, and more.
  • Say thanks to the Best Man, groomsmen, and ushers by browsing our hundreds of personalized groomsmen gifts. These gifts range from flasks to baseball bats, to pub signs.
  • Research the groom’s wedding duties in our Groom 101 section as well as out groom’s blog that is updated daily. Some of our popular topics are popping the question, planning the honeymoon, and writing vows.

… just trying to give the groom a fun outlet that can help educate him and get him more involved with the wedding. All three founders of The Man Registry have gone through the wedding planning process, so we’re speaking from experience. Check us out and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Thanks Chris! I hope all you grooms, and those who are engaged to grooms, and those who know grooms spread this around. Check it out and stay awhile... It's pretty... um... sweet and manly :)

Big Manly Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.