Shhhhh, It's a secret!

Introducing The Secret Boudoir Sessions!

*** Added to post 4/20/09*** Don't forget to book your session! We've got a few spots left!

You might ask, What's a Secret Boudoir Session? Well, it's a secret (as a surprise to your husband or husband-to-be) the opportunity have beautiful, tasteful sexy portraits of yourself.

The Secret Boudoir Sessions will be taking place at The Nines, a luxury hotel downtown. It's brand new and oh, so fabulous inside! Because the nature of the sessions I treat them in a very delicate nature. They will never be posted on my blog or website. They are for your and your love's eyes only. The session itself will run about an hour long in one of the suites. It's fun and carefree and I know your hubby or hubby-to-be will love it! The session also comes with a 5x5 10 page album-- perfect for a wedding or anniversary present.

If you know of a friend would also like to book a session please share The Secret Session information. You can also book back-to back sessions with your friends or bridesmaids-- make it an event!

Sessions are limited and are being held May 1st through the 3rd only.

If you would like more information I would love to talk with you! Please email me at or call 503.933.5359.

Here are a few photos of the suite at The Nines.

It's going to be gorgeous!

Big Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

**** ADDED TO POST ****
When you book your session you will receive 10% off to Oh Baby Lingerie here in Portland, OR. How sweet is that?



Deyla Huss said...

Holy Smokes Hot place! Love the colors, They are my colors!!! I do these hotel shoots every year and have not set mine up yet and now Im intrigued! Fabulous!

Winnie said...

Melissa, let's chat. Maybe this is a better graduation present for Jason. What do you think??

KP said...

this is cool. i had never really thought (tastefully) about those kinds of photos until my best friend got married recently and she did it... i didn't realize how artistic, beautiful and personal they could be, and how special they are... neat! obviously, you're not going to post any pictures, but let me know how it goes! said...

I love this place,and I'm jealous that you'll get to shoot there!

Erin said...

ohh this looks fantastic! i LOVE it. all the great lighting, the amazing furniture, and the poses are endless! WOW! I can't wait to hear how it goes.