Makeover | The Beginning

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I'm undergoing a makeover, errr, Soul Mates Photo is undergoing a makeover. Which basically means I'm undergoing a makeover.

The business card was the 1st to go. According to designers the business card is most difficult. I think the reason being it's got to stand out, be unique, have your logo... and fit all this info onto one tiny little space. All in all I'm glad the design is complete done. I wanted to wait and blog this with a photo of the biz cards but, alas, I had a problem with the printer... oh dear, I guess you'll have to wait on that one. Trust me. They. Are. Cuuuute.

BUT in other news my darling logo as gotten a makeover too! I just want to eat it up. These shoes "fit" me better. In a modern, clean, crisp sort of way. They totally "fit" my work better too. Thank you Whitney!

AND I had a creative spurt. Check out my website... I updated the intro page, nailed down a color theme, and tied it all together "lacing" the three items- weddings, portraits and blog cohesively. I had to treat myself to some new shoes too. In the name of business, of course.

I can't wait to share the new handbooks full with what and what not to wear, wedding and portrait time line, portrait location suggestions... it's got the works! Thrilled, just thrilled.

Can you tell I'm on a roll... we'll I'm rolling right out of here to spend the weekend at the beach with the photo chicks. You better bet I'll be posting about it when I return :) Have a awesome weekend ya'll!

Smiles for yellow pumps! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.



Jenni Carmon said...

I love what you have done, especially the splash page. Cannot wait to see you at the beach!!

Deyla Huss said...

I lovesp this as I told ya at the beach!! keep rockin all that creativity and ofcourse those shoes!!!

Take 5 Photography said...

LOVE it!! You tied everything together so well! Great job hun :-)