Inspiration? Yes, Please.

Inspiration. Sometimes a girl just needs to go shopping. Get out, breathe the fresh air perfumed with new. New clothes, shoes-- whatever! When I don't have the time to actually wander the boutiques and mall shops I know just what to do...

I run my little fingers across the keyboard to somehow stumble across these awesome finds glowing right back at me.

I tend to be habitual about something. If I like it, I'm sold for life. Here are a few of my favorites. <--- I'll forever love them <--- I'm dying to order a feather headband and some hoop earrings <---- fabulous interior design ideas and resources <--- another fabulous design blog <---- random, unique design for all different types of stuff <---- a blog completely devoted to female photographers <---- if you're in the photography biz you've got to check out this blog.

Right now I'm dreaming of being in a place like this.... (taken at Lake Tahoe, CA)

Or drinking something like this... (taken in Austin, Tx)

And if all else fails then I resort to laughter.... (taken in Austin, Tx)

Feel free to share your inspiration in the comment section! I can't wait to see what you all come up with :)

Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Winnie said...

I love your list, esp. designsponge. Sometimes when you can't travel, the internet is the next best thing to be transported to another place for inspiration. I love for home inspiration.

KP said...

okay, i'm from (near) tahoe and love that picture! minus the fact that you can't see mountains in the background, but if you've never been there (or haven't been in awhile), GO NOW!!!

tahoe is my "escape route" and one of my favorite places to go :)