Sam | Class of 2010

From the moment Sam told me she had a horse I was sold. I use to ride back in the day and I'm smitten when it comes to ponies of any shape and size.

Sam is one of my Senior Reps this season– she's the class of 2010 meaning she is one of the first to get her senior pictures taken. Because horses are a huge part of her life we decided to photograph her at the barn, Rivenburgh Farms, where she boards her miniature horse and teaches summer camp. As it turns out Sam is one of the most comfortable, chill girls. I would never expected her to also spend half her time cheerleading at school! Needless to say Sam is going to have a busy summer :)

Sam, you are the best! Not only are you gorgeous on the outside but also on the inside. Thanks for spending the afternoon with me. I hope you enjoy your portraits!
And a huge thank you to Nancy and Jack who own the Farm– thank you, thank you, thank you!

How cute are they?!

I have so many favorites from this session It's going to be hard for me to tell you just a few :)

I adore this one too. I love the interaction between the two.

Roxy model.

Totally Roxy model.

I told you... another fave.

L-O-V-E the light in these ones.

Don't you think she looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt?? I totally think she does.


Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography

Last CALL---> Senior Models

Are YOU outgoing, fun and energetic?? If so I'd love to get you in front of my lens! Honestly, who wouldn't want their senior pic's taken :) You can contact me at or leave a comment below.

I'm are looking for only 2 more seniors from the class of 2010 in the Portland Metro area.

You Get:
FREE Senior modeling session
FREE Rep cards to give to all your friends
FREE Facebook or Myspace web ready images.

Check out Josh's senior rep cards below. I had one style for mom and one style for Josh. Can you guess who's getting what?

Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo

Makeover | The Beginning

As I mentioned a few weeks ago I'm undergoing a makeover, errr, Soul Mates Photo is undergoing a makeover. Which basically means I'm undergoing a makeover.

The business card was the 1st to go. According to designers the business card is most difficult. I think the reason being it's got to stand out, be unique, have your logo... and fit all this info onto one tiny little space. All in all I'm glad the design is complete done. I wanted to wait and blog this with a photo of the biz cards but, alas, I had a problem with the printer... oh dear, I guess you'll have to wait on that one. Trust me. They. Are. Cuuuute.

BUT in other news my darling logo as gotten a makeover too! I just want to eat it up. These shoes "fit" me better. In a modern, clean, crisp sort of way. They totally "fit" my work better too. Thank you Whitney!

AND I had a creative spurt. Check out my website... I updated the intro page, nailed down a color theme, and tied it all together "lacing" the three items- weddings, portraits and blog cohesively. I had to treat myself to some new shoes too. In the name of business, of course.

I can't wait to share the new handbooks full with what and what not to wear, wedding and portrait time line, portrait location suggestions... it's got the works! Thrilled, just thrilled.

Can you tell I'm on a roll... we'll I'm rolling right out of here to spend the weekend at the beach with the photo chicks. You better bet I'll be posting about it when I return :) Have a awesome weekend ya'll!

Smiles for yellow pumps! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.

Portrait Keepsake Box

Welcome the Portrait Keepsake Box.

All of the perk, less of the work. All your favorite portraits come printed in 4x6, organized and ready to enjoy. Archival box with a custom cover. No need to choose your favorites- you get them all!

The image keepsake box comes in a 4x6 size with a custom portrait cover and includes ALL the portraits from your portrait session. It's just darling... pictures are better than words so here's a sample. I've used a portrait of Ezrah for the keepsake box below.

I'm so excited to make these available to everyone!

Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Baby Jeevan | Sneak Peek

Meet Baby Jeevan.

Jeevan means life in Hindi. I adore this name and love hearing what parents choose for their children. It's just a sense of pride knowing a child is born into a family who wants their child to be full of life....

....and boy was he full of it :) He stayed awake the entire session (and I'm sure fell to sleep right after I left)! I adore maternity sessions followed by newborn sessions. It's so fun seeing the progression of life. I'm so cheesy sometimes, but I really do mean it. It's so, for lack of a more eloquent word, awesome to see families growing in love.

I just wanted to post one preview pic... more to come later dear blog readers...

Big Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Kelley and Eric | Engaged!

If I could write a 6 word poem about Kelley and Eric it might look something like this...

"Affectionate together, laugh together– enjoy life."

I'm no poet, but I think these two have mastered the idea of laughing whether it's at each other, together or at themselves. They know life can be carefree and it's much more enjoyable when taken lightly. And, honestly, I think I might need to take a lesson or two from them

Kelley and Eric are from Seattle but made the trek down to P-Town for their engagements. We started at a quaint little bar, O'Conners, located in Multnomah Village. The owner is a family friend of the groom and will be catering the wedding. O'Conners was so nice to let us use their extra room for which they hold special events– we had the place to ourselves! For the second half of the shoot we moved to the downtown waterfront for the gorgeous cherry blossoms. So happy we were able to catch them! The blossoms come and go so quickly.

I had such a blast with you guys! I can't wait for your wedding! Enjoy :)

Her gorgeous ring.

Don't you just love this vintage piano? Who would have thought O'Conners could be so antique. I loved it!

I adore this one mainly because it took so much concentration to get the serious face. I think it's hysterical when my clients have a hard time being serious– but when they do, mmm, they are smokin!

And this series just makes me laugh... Kelley sucked on a lemon. I'm not sure why but it sure was funny!

What did I tell you...
"Affectionate together, laugh together– enjoy life."

I adore cherry blossoms and wish they would stick around longer. Two weeks just isn't enough time to enjoy them.

So totally them!

One of my all time favorites. I adore the "shy mysterious peak over the shoulder" look.

Favorite, favorite, favorite! I have to admit in the past I strongly disliked laying down pictures.... BUT I adore these! I think Kelley and Eric won me over with their cuteness and I will officially continue taking laying down portraits.

We can't forget the bling...

That's a wrap! Thanks for being so adorable Kelley and Eric!

Sunny Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.

Good Day Sunshine.

Am I dreaming or was this the best weekend ev-ar? Anyone else with me? It was sunny here in Portland and for the first time this year it was hot, people were happy, I didn't have to work.... it was fab-u-lous!

I was reminded of a few fabulous and not so fabulous things this weekend...
1. How much I love BBQing. I don't have cook, there are less dishes, and the food is delish. What's not to like?
2. I love the sunshine. I love it hot, direct and in my face.
3. My bikini is a little smaller than I had remembered. Or rather I'm a little bigger than I remembered. Oops!
4. Gardening is HARD work. I hope ours pays off.
5. Happy dogs make happy people. It's true, and if you don't believe it check out the photo below.
6. "I'm in love and it's a sunny day. Good Day Sunshine."

I think Persay had a great weekend too. She slept in the sun, ate bugs and received BBQ scraps. Sigh. Gotta love a dogs life. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.

Elise and Beau | Engaged!

I've thought long and hard about Elise and Beau. I've thought about how to describe them and how I would let all my blog readers how wonderful they are as individuals and collectively. I have to admit I didn't come up with lot of words. While I was editing their engagement portraits I determined they did a fabulous job of being themselves. Of course they were a little nervous at first as everyone is. Once they took a deep breath and relaxed into each others arms all nervousness was lost. Elise is semi shy, super sweet and totally in love with Beau. Beau is confident, knowledgeable and completely in love with Elise. I just keep picturing this engagement portrait when I try and write about them! Let's cut to the chase...

I thing they'll agree... but in my opinion this is the epitome of Elise and Beau.

We started the engagement session at Powell's Books. If you are a Portlander and have yet to go- go. And if you ever come to Portland- go. It's unlike anything you've ever seen... and Portland's sure proud of it!

Beau and Elise spend lots of time there writing papers and reading up.

Totally Elise.

Right after the wedding they are road tripping it to Toronto... Beau's going to be studying there next fall. I'm excited for this adventure for them! It's kinda what Josh and I did... but we stayed on the West Coast.

We ventured over to Mt. Tabor and the bench where Beau proposed. I smile just thinking about how romantic it is :) And I'm smiling because I love this shy portrait below. Total fashion shot.

This might be my favorite from the session. I love Elise's expression here. It makes me comfortable because she's so comfortable.

The bench they'll remember forever.

The End!

Shy Smiles, Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photo.