Lighting Workshop

Last Wednesday night I and a few (haha "few") other photographers gathered for a lighting workshop hosed by Craig. YAY for Craig- this was awesome! He organized the whole shebang- lighting (Pro Photo), models, location, topics- everything. I was surprised how many people gathered to shoot and- well- just hang out. Check out the evening.

Bunn and Missy. There were a handful of us girls from the Click Chicks at the lighting workshop. I can't tell you how awesome it was to meet these ladies. More on us/them later.

Missy, Kim and Jen.

The crowd of photographers listening to Craig.

Deyla, Missy and Bunn.

Oh, yes, here are the models! I promise we didn't take pictures of ourselves all evening :) This is taken with on camera flash tilted to the left exposed to background scene.

Natural light.

Natural light.

Here's the scene.... model, lighting, photogs and a bazillion shutters firing.

On camera flash of Nicole.

And finally.... Nicole with the side lighting... I had to wait to use the pocket wizards. Doesn't she looks great?! This one reminds me of a Anthropologie catalog. Nicole is lit with a medium lightbox to the left of the frame and a reflector to the right. Again, this image was exposed for the background.

Same with this one.

Another overview of our traffic-stopping group. We had so many people ask us what was going on- walkers, commuters, firemen. I guess we're always causing a scene. Oops!

All Natural Baby! (light that is)

This is one of my faves from the shoot. I love the mystery in this pose and the balance between the color of her shirt and the blue reflection at the top of the frame.

Natural light.

Last but not least... These resemble that of a magazine fashion shoot- very grainy and rough.

If you have been in front of my camera you are familiar with my ending phrase and a big fat smile.
"That's a wrap!"

Sunny Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Craig Mitchelldyer said...

These are great!! It's funny, it was a light workshop yet you did a fantastic job just using the available light. There's not a bad one in the bunch. Nice job. Could you upload them to the group FTP? said...

Girl, your photos make me wish that I had shot more instead of goofing off like I did. haha! Well, those frickin' boots were a-hurtin' my poor toes! Ouch. Great shots, for sure! I love your natural light ones best! Cheers to au naturale! ;)

Deyla Huss said...

Awesome Shots! Had so much fun with you guys!

Missy said...

I agree with bunn, these are so fun, though I do love the ones you got of us too! I was wondering what you were getting when I took the pictures of your shootsac, ha ha!

Jenni Carmon said...

So glad to have met you. I cannot wait for our beach trip. I love our group!!