Katie | Shooting on Rooftops

Dear Katie. She truly is a dear. Katie's a past bride of mine and now I'm happy to say we're friends. I really think our husbands could be friends as well as our dogs. If we could just get them to meet! I knew we were friends when she arrived at my door with home baked banana bread. How did she know I was a sucker for baked items?! What a sweetheart!

Last year I shot her engagement, wedding and Christmas pictures. Each were different and so much fun! Now that I think of it we've been to every type of environment shooting her family! Downtown for her engagement shoot, to a farm for the wedding, at a park for Christmas... and last but not least a rooftop for her after session! Who would have thought?!

I contacted Katie and asked her if she would be up for another session with me; this time in her wedding dress- again. She agreed and we set a date. Missy of Take 5 Photography also joined us for fun. What's a After Session? So glad you asked! Commonly referred to as a "Trash-the-Dress", After Sessions are exactly that- after the wedding. It's a chance to wear your wedding dress one last time before it lives in a box. It's a time to be more creative, to have fun, to try something different then you might have had time for on your wedding day. It's a session filled with creativity, laughter, fun and unexpected locations. If you're up for it give me a call and I'll get you in the books! I love these.... check it out.

Oh, and you don't have to bring homemade goodies to shoot with me... although I'm sure my stomach wouldn't mind :)

The After Session | Featuring Katie!

REAL RAINBOW! No Photoshop here!

Yes, That's Portland's Heliport. So Cool!

You could see everything from here. I can't tell you how great this location was.

I always tell people to bring props. Some do and some don't but the point is that they are fun and give a little funk to your portraits.

She looks like a angel in this image. Beautiful.

The End! Thanks for visiting.

Big Smiles!
Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Mandi said...

SO Beautiful!!! I met Katie a few days ago and from your pictures, I felt like I already knew her from somewhere! You did a wonderful job Melissa! Katie, you look gorgeous!!

Winnie said...

This is such a great location. If I had ANY excuse to do a PDX shot, it would be here. Beautiful job, M.

Missy said...

Love yours too!! Funny...we have very similar styles :-)

Let's def do something like this again soon!

Katie said...

Okay, I thought I could comment on individual pictures... maybe not.

They are all beautiful - especially the one of the back of me sitting down, looks just like a flower!

I like the ones with the white blanket too - although i do look a little like the white witch of narnia.

I love all the giggles you captured and the fur coat was a hit. Thanks for all of the fun!

Erin said...

oh la la! i love it! first off the rainbow is that of a dream. totally made me smile! and i love how you went into detail about the "after session". i just did one of those but didn't know what to call them :). you're so smart! haha

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

I love my girl commenters! Thanks ladies, I agree- Kaite is smoking hot and this location rocks my socks off. "yea" all around.

Angela Lee said...

The shots with the rainbow are awesome. And I LOVE the location!

MsBunn.com said...

I love the rainbow in the background! Nice! I recognize the area, but what rooftop did you shoot on? I'm always looking for a rooftop to shoot on, but I get rejected when I ask nicely. :(