House Guest Part 2

Beth. When I think of Beth I'm reminded of TPing houses, math classes with endless laughter and shopping for hours bringing home only one bottle of lotion from Bath and Body Works. I'm reminded of endless annoying coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond, the ridiculous videos we watched over and over about Oxi Clean, and the secret shoppers. When I think of Beth it's impossible not to reminisce about childhood.

Beth and I met at church group in Jr. High. A time of awkward Wednesday night youth group and booger picking boys. We went to camp together at Hume Lake in 8th grade and I knew I wanted to be friends with her. She was great! Even in 8th grade I knew she was a catch, a fabulous person.

Beth and I have been friends for over 14 years. Wait, can that be true? Goodness that's a long time! Anyway this past weekend she came up for a visit. We caught up on life. I love girlfriend time. It's always filled with food, wine, laughter and sprinkled with seriousness. Of course, there were many hours spent reminiscing over high school memories- boys, Mrs. Prefect's math class where our good friend G spent more time balancing her checkbook than doing Algebra. We laughed so hard we cried about our dreaded time as employees at Bed Bath and Beyond. We both started as cashiers shortly after Beth moved to Linens and I to Closets (p.s. the coupons never really expire. always keep them!). Our favorite was when we volunteered to organize the stock room. We would be lost for hours just cause we didn't want to be on the floor. What a riot! Maybe you had to be there... as I'm writing I feel a giggle escaping my mouth- we had a fabulous time together.

Here we are 14 years (gasp!) later. Our lives are very different but true friendship seems to stand the test of time and location.

Here we are at the Vista House. The winds were so strong we almost blew right off the railing!

I made poor Beth hike up Multnomah Falls while it was raining.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to add this or not- but here it is! Us in high school! Go Chargers!

Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.