Shooting for Myself

Shooting for myself.

*sigh* Not something I make a priority. As a "people" photographer I can't tell you how many times I've had this disturbing and horribly wrong voice in my head say "I can't shoot, I don't have a client." Shame on me! :) Shooting for myself- whether or not I have a subject- is one of the best things I can do for my future clients. It showcases my creative nature and demonstrates how I operate and my ability to create a beautiful image regardless of location. It also showcases me as a diverse photographer. Mentally, it frees my mind from all photographs I've seen while doing "research" (i.e. blog stalking!) or reading magazines or whatever allowing me to soak in my environment and experiment. Create.

Being true to yourself as a photographer or any creative person is so vital. Making something for the sole purpose of enjoyment is another one of the best things you can do for future clients. It's also one of the best business decisions I've made. When I shoot for myself I strive to do something different. This results in a passionate creative world wind! Think Tasmanian Devil with a camera around his neck. I feel alive and I love it! When I showcase those images my ideal clients find me. Amazing! When I shoot for myself and I actually attract clients that love my work and hire me for being creative. Who would have thought?! I heard that at the PPO summer school conference last year, and I'm so happy to receive more pearls of wisdom at the conference later this month! Cheers for growth and learning. If anyone wants to go contact me and I'll give you all the info.

I'll be posting more "shooting for myself" sessions this year. It's something I find vital and am really looking forward to sharing it with all you fabulous blog readers out there!

I encourage all you out there, photographers or not, shoot your surroundings. The everyday can be surprisingly beautiful.

Taken along SE Sandy... not the nicest parts of town but a beautiful image non-the-less.

I think a high fashion shoot in this setting below would be fabulous!

I want to shoot someone in front of these garage doors!

Last but not least...

Big Smiles! Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Joshua said...

Every time I see new shots, they keep getting better and better! I'm glad you still take personal "photographer days". Amazing!

{h + d} said...

hey melissa! i'm a blogstalker who is coming out of hiding to tell you that you are awesome. everyone needs to be told that once in a while. :)

Winnie said...

Mel....your shots are GORGEOUS!!! And you always inspire me to be creative. I'd love to come out with you one day.

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

Seriously, BIG SMILES! You all totally made my day. Thanks for the boost in confidence :)

Win- I should have a photographing party, wadaya think? I've been talking about doing a seminar for locals who just want to take better shots all around. Would you come?

Erin Woolsey said...

first off wow. i LOVE the three door shot with the different levels of blue paint. SO incredibly fun :D makes me want to adjust my height for the photo, short, tall, medium. well, that doesn't make any sense... oh well. haha

i want a personal photographer day! i need to branch out and do that more :D AND we totally need to shoot together! or a workshop... that could be a blast :D