Professional Photographers of Oregon and Shooting on Rooftops

What day is it? This week/weekend and been packed full of goodies. It reminds me of the good'ole days at Sweet Factory. You remember sweet factory, right? In high school I'd visit this little gem of a store with friends right before a movie. I'd stuff my bag with little goodies ranging from chocolate malt balls to sour patch kids. None of them went together other than the simple fact that they were all sweet - candy, shopping, movie and girlfriends. I loved it.

This past weekend reminds me of that little bag of candy. I attended the PPO (Professional Photographers of Oregon) convention from Friday-Monday. A-MAZE-ING. Seriously. It was like the entire Sweet Factory, giggly girls and movie watching was crammed into my weekend. I met so many wonderful and giving photographers offering little pieces of info, ideas, and inspiration. These info, ideas, and inspiration are my grown-up candy. The more and more I get into this profession the more I learn how giving people are. Props to the many people that it took to put this event on and Props to the speakers who flew out here to little 'ole Portland. And props to my bag of sweet ideas to take into my business.

Speaking of sweetness.... I also had the opportunity to shoot one of my favorite clients, Katie, in her wedding dress... again! It was a fabulous shot and I can't wait to edit the rest of them. You might remember Kaite from here, here or here! She is one of the best clients a person could ask for. She even baked me banana bread! See, what can I say? I've got the best clients. I truly believe that. BTW Kaite- The banana bread is almost gone, it's so so SO good!

I call this session a "After Session." Some call it a "Trash-The-Dress" session but I prefer After Session because that's exactly what it is- after your wedding. It's the opportunity to have more fun, be more creative and visit different locations that you were able to on your big day. It's such a blast! Before you have that dress cleaned let's take it out for one more spin :) Missy of Take5 Photography also joined me on the shoot.

I'll be posting the session in its entirety later this week! Until then....

Melissa Tomeoni of Soul Mates Photography.