Things I LOVE:
1. My husband, Josh. He rocks.
2. Prayer- It changes my life. Everyday.
3. California and sunshine!!!
4. Love Day- Valentine's. I really only love Valentine's Day because Josh always does something for me...
5. And last but not least....SALES!

Because I love love and I love a good sale I thought it appropriate to feature a sale this Valentines' week. Cheers to 20% off the following items!! Only one of each is available so please let me know soon if you want to put some "love" on your walls. You can either comment, email me at or simply click the Paypal button

** NOTE if you are in Portland, Oregon you can pick it up. It you are located elsewhere you must add $15 for shipping.

#1 P. Gallani

From Blogger Pictures
Title of Above: P. Gallani
Location: Lucca, Italy.
Size: 16x20 in/with frame
Was$125. Now $100!

#2 Italian Menu.

Title of Above: Italian Menu.
Location: Florence, Italy.
Size: 16x20 in/with frame
Was$125. Now $100!

#3 Crusin through the 50's

Title of Above: Crusin through the 50's
Location: Bandon, Oregon.
Size: 20x20 in/with frame
Was$125. Now $100!

#4 Hells Canyon Byway

Title of Above: Hells Canyon Byway
Location: Hells Canyon, Oregon.
Size: 20x20 in/with frame
Was$125. Now $100!

Two Hearts - SOLD!

Title of Above: Two Hearts SOLD!
Location: Venice, Italy
Size: 16x20 in/with matt
Was$125. Now $100!

**2/10/09 Update to post. #5- Two Hearts has been sold and is no longer available.
Oh, and the sale lasts only till this Saturday Feb 14 (obviously)!

Big Smiles. Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Erin said...

oohhahhh!! that third pic is fantastic! that's my favorite one by far :D

where did you take all of these? nearby or on road trips?

Melissa with Soul Mates Photography said...

Thanks Erin! They were all a part of my show last Dec! #3 was taken on the southern coast of Oregon. :) Total time warp!