It's been one of those weeks...

It's been one of those weeks were there is just not enough time. It might me one of those months too. Feb has just flown by. I'm not sure what other excuse to make other than I just didn't have enough time to edit all of Katie's After Session. So Sad. They will be up next week. Seriously.

I know you all are siting at the edge of your seat wondering how Persay likes her new collar. Well, I'm proud to say she loves it! She told me herself. She said she much prefers designer collars to plain ones; fuzzy blankets to towels and people food to dog food. Can you really blame her?

Prissy Persay is demanding my attention. Gotta run! Have a Perfect weekend.

Melissa Tomeoni with Soul Mates Photography.



Missy said...

haha!! LOVE this pic! She's so freakin cute :-)